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SecureTeen: The Most Effective Cell Phone Spying App

Updated March 7, 2020 to reflect the latest changes in the software and services mentioned.

protect your kids with Secureteen Block inappropriate websites Remotely track locationEvery day the rhythm of life accelerates. We work and learn faster than several years ago, we find information in seconds and process it at railway speed. We get new tasks and meet new challenges every single day. But in this endless race, we continue to stay parents. We have children and must protect them. It’s our obligation. Thanks to the development of the Internet and information technologies we got many useful tools for parental control. SecureTeen, for example, is one of such things that we can use for protecting our kids. It is spying app which can answer all our questions such as: “where is my child?”, ”when will he get home?”, “what is he speaking about?”, etc. It is just invaluable help in the daily life of each parent.

What Should You Know About SeccureTeen?

You should know that SecureTeen is an ad hoc spy app designed especially for monitoring kids. The team of developers spent hours of their working time to make the app convenient and easy to use. At the same time, it is quite effective. The application provides all necessary information that you need to know about your child. It gives the opportunity to monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls, messages, chats on social media, web browser history. With its incredible features, you get the opportunity to block unwanted content and websites and to set up limits of using the devices. The service costs $39.99/year.

Android Parental Control Features

small girl speaking on her phoneSecureTeen can become a solution to the next parents’ worries:

  • Monitoring kids’ online and phone activities as well as filtering mature content;
  • Blocking inappropriate and unwanted applications;
  • Staying informed of the kids’ GPS location which gives an ability to be sure that everything is alright.

All these monitoring needs can be covered with the next SecureTeen’s features:

  • Online filtering – you can keep any kind of inappropriate content from landing on the child’s Android cell phone or tablet. SecureTeen removes all harmful and adult content;
  • Blocking applications – this amazing feature makes it possible to block apps which you consider bad and which you don’t want your kids using. The functionality of the app will be blocked So it won’t work;
  • Monitoring Facebook – it’s quite a handy feature. It allows supervising activities of your children on Facebook via Photo Scan, Friends Alert, Timeline Scan.
  • Tracking text messages – this parental-control feature of SecureTeen is one of the most useful. It sends copies of all sent or received texts to your online account, and you can see them at any time;
  • Logging web browser history – SecureTeen spy app creates a special list of visited websites and the Internet pages. Just sign in to your personal online panel, and you will see all the details;
  • GPS location tracking – if sometimes you are not sure where your children are, this feature is going to become your favorite! It easily tracks the current GPS location of your kid and gives the information in seconds;
  • Time management feature – this function enables the user to set a time limit for cell phone usage. It is great because children have to focus on more important things.

iPad and iPhone Parental Control Features

The features of iOS Monitoring and Android Parental control are mostly the same. But there are some special ones:

  • Phone calls monitoring – SecureTeen offers the option of monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls. It tracks time and date logs as well as names and numbers;
  • Blocking pornography – SecureTeen parental control app has the ability to block access to certain sites on your kids’ iPads and iPhones;
  • Monitoring WhatsApp, Viber and Line – keep control all kid’s activities in social messengers like WhatsApp and Viber;
  • Providing safe search – you set up online filters which in their turn take out harmful and unwanted content from search results. SecureTeen spy app ensures that your kid will never access harmful content even accidentally;
  • Spying on Skype – using SecureTeen you have a unique opportunity to monitor all activities that are conducted by your child on Skype.

Windows Monitoring Options

SecureTeenThis type of SecureTeen’s monitoring will satisfy the parents’ requirements in:

  • Ensuring child’s Internet safety;
  • Keeping kids away from inappropriate content;
  • A ban on downloading suspicious software;
  • Managing children’s schedule and setting up time limits.

If you are going to monitor not only cell phones and tablets, but also computers of your kids, you will get an opportunity to:

  • Filter Internet activities – SecureTeen will protect your child from the harmful and the negative influence of some online content. You can forbid accessing websites which contain inappropriate information about pornography, arms or drugs.
  • Block unwanted apps – SecureTeen offers the option which makes it possible to block all applications which you do not want your kids to use. The functionality of these applications will be blocked, and the kid will have no opportunity to run it.

Benefit: Remote Device Control

SecureTeenSecureTeen is the app which works in the stealth mode. You register it, create your personal account and there is no need to have physical access to the target device anymore. The app does its work secretly. You can sign in to your personal online panel at any time you want and see all data that goes through the target device.

There is also a unique feature of remote control access. It helps to protect your kids in the cases when their phones are stolen or lost. SecureTeen provides an opportunity to:

Lock the target device remotely

Use SecureTeen online panel and send a command to the target cell phone. It will lock the phone. If the phone is lost or stolen, nobody will get access to the phone’s content.

Unlock the target device remotely

Sign into your personal account and unlock the device. It takes only several seconds.

Are you still in doubt? Just try SecureTeen, and you will get the complete access to the target device. Your children will have no secrets from you anymore!


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