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Instant messaging can tell us a lot about a person. And now it is possible to spy WhatsApp and other messengers remotely. Let’s learn how you can use WhatsApp spy to find out other people’s secrets.

What is a WhatsApp Monitoring Tool?


whatsapp spyModern technologies and contemporary software became the essential part of our lives. We can’t imagine our life without mobile phones, social networks and other programs that let us communicate freely. WhatsApp is a hugely popular app that we use in online conversations and sharing. So many useful features make this app the number one choice many people should try.

Some situations require using such tools and tracking someone else’s instant messengers accounts. We will highlight these cases in our article and tell you more about an efficient way to monitor WhatsApp messengers anonymously and get the comprehensive information about the device user’s activity. You get the control over WhatsApp account you can receive the info its original owner receives.

  • Simple communication via messaging.Don’t waste your money on SMS or MMS. Just create the desirable message and send your text message anyone you need for free. It requires the only Internet connection.
  • Group conversations. It is a very suitable feature to those who want to speak to a few people. Be in touch with your family or co-workers without extra efforts and spending.
  • Pics and videos.It is so easy to share the most important moments of your life with beloved people. Just take a photo or record video on your mobile phone and send it with WhatsApp.
  • Send any document.The program supports the function of paper sharing. You may easily send any file up to 100Mb to your college or chief just in a few seconds.
  • Multi-purpose.The instant messenger works great on your cell phone and your PC. You may download a proper version and start to enjoy it. Learn more about how to install this program on PC here.

4 Methods to Spy WhatsApp


whatsapp spyYou can discuss everything via text messages just in a few minutes. Among plenty of user-friendly software, most people choose WhatsApp as one of the most available programs to chat and share information. If you need to monitor someone’s phone or other gadget and track his or her activity, you must be sure that software can monitor this application.

secretly monitor whatsapp conversations The best way to track someone’s WhatsApp is to install a WhatsApp spy. And here are four the most popular ways to monitor WhatsApp with or without a special application.

  1. Track WhatsApp using a special program

There are lots of various easy-to-use programs that were developed to hack people’s WhatsApp accounts and chats. Here are the features such applications offer:

  • View WhatsApp messages and all chats within the program
  • Identify all user names and phone numbers
  • Check out date and time marks of each conversation
  • All logs can be viewed via your account from any browser remotely.

Also, such applications can provide you with other useful features you can use in your spying mission:

  • Manage Calls
  • Monitor text messages
  • Monitor GPS Place
  • Track Internet Use
  • Get Calendar and Address Book
  • View Multimedia Files
  • Remote Control
  1. Catch Notification WhatsApp on Android

There are also applications able to catch every incoming (only incoming) messages to the target phone WhatsApp account.

  1. Spoofing the MAC Address

This way is more sophisticated than others on this list. It requires some certain skills from the user. You need to spoof the target phone’s MAC address. This operation should be provided from your device. But it will allow you to run two separate WhatsApp accounts on one device. You can find the target phone’s MAC address in settings of the device. This way is possible to perform on various devices with various operating systems: Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and iOS.

  1. Database WhatsApp messages

To run this spying way you need to root Explorer application and access target phone’s WhatsApp database with its help.

How to Monitor WhatsApp Using Spy Apps

whatsapp spyAs you see, the easiest way to spy WhatsApp is to use a WhatsApp spy app. So, how does it work? Everything is very simple, and you don’t need to have any special skills to perform this action. Just follow this general instruction that is common for almost every monitoring program:

  • You need to read few top lists with tracking apps and then find reliable reviews and real testimonials about the programs you liked the most.
  • Take the target phone to run the monitoring app installation process directly on it.
  • Launch your user account on the official website of the program you’ve decided to use.
  • Begin monitoring WhatsApp and other applications remotely using the control panel.
  • Start tracking every action on the target phone along with WhatsApp chats.

10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps

whatsapp spyHere we gathered 10 best WhatsApp spy free apps you need to check out. Some pros and cons are included:

  • Copy10

Here is the best WhatsApp spy free download available on the market. It works with iOS operating system and is perfect for iPhones and iPads. It tracks not just WhatsApp messages but also other instant messengers and applications on the target phone. Also, it is free but has a short list of features.

  • Spy Phone

Another WhatsApp spy free on our list. It is a new program on the market and has a small number fans at the moment. But with its price (it is free) you get a solid package of features that will be very useful for beginners.

  • mSpy

mSpy is  a reputable WhatsApp spy online. This is the oldest WhatsApp spy released on the market. Since the day of its release, its price remains free. Besides tracking on instant messages, you also receive such features as GPS tracker and browser history monitor.

  • Easy Phone Track

The WhatsApp spy online program that can help you to track all instant messages and even social media accounts. The program is more serious than previous ones and is available for $120.

  • secretly monitor whatsapp conversations with flexispyMobile Spy

The name of this application speaks for itself. Besides monitoring instant messages, you can also control the entire work of the target phone. It is available for $49.97.

  • MobiStealth

Here is a very popular program on the modern spy tools market. You can try it paying $19.99. It is two weeks trial period. Just enough to check out the program and its opportunities. GPS location, browser history, calls, messages, social media, and any other feature that solid monitoring software should have are available here.

  • SpyHuman

Here we have a free android application with a solid list of features. Besides monitoring your target’s WhatsApp account, you also can read its SMS, view calls, and browser history. But the program still has not enough good reputation yet.

  • Phone Monitor

A free downloading program with a very useful interface and great features list. Phone Monitor’s name just speaks for itself. While you can download the app without paying a penny, you will need to pay $3 in case your phone was lost or stolen, and you want to use application’s built-in GPS location tracker.

  • Mobile Monitor

Another program with a clear name. The app will help you to monitor every single process on the target phone. It is free and very useful. Nothing too fancy among its features. Just everything you need for a successful spying campaign. Still, it is not available in some areas.

  • Top Spy

The application that closes our list is also free as the most we described here. It offers a very common pack of features. With its help, you can track WhatsApp and other instant messengers. Also, logs of calls, SMS, MMS, emails, and browser history are available for your view.

Why Is mSpy the Best Way to Spy on WhatsApp?

mspy app

But what if we could recommend you a certain application that will satisfy all your spying needs at once? Here is the program we found the most complete and powerful among others. If you look for decent software to spy on smartphone or tablet with Android, iOS or Windows OS, it is so easy to get confused.

There are so many programs performed on the market that can satisfy even exacting customers. We are concentrated on how to spy on WhatsApp, so we want to describe one of the leading spying apps that provide advanced features. Here are the essential advantages of mSpy phone tracker. You may also read a complete review of this app here.

  • Reliable manufacturer.The company is a trustworthy producer. Positive reviews from satisfied consumers prove the high quality of their spying products.
  • Standard and advanced spying options. Except for common spying options like reading of text messages, listening to phone calls or GPS location, mSpy performs plenty of additional but very useful functions. We are talking about tracking of numerous instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Hangout, Instagram and others), call recording, live video, password cracking and more.
  • Convenience and support.Even if you don’t have specific knowledge in a technical field, you won’t have any issues with this spying app. Its interface is clear and suitable. Moreover, you can ask any question via email, chat or your cell phone. The 24h support service will help to satisfy all your spying needs.

When Do You Need to Spy on WhatsApp?

whatsapp spyTracking applications are hugely popular. They provide numerous useful and convenient options. Let’s find out in which cases such software can help you to find the solution for numerous issues and why you should spy exactly on WhatsApp.

  • If you spy on your children

whatsapp spyHeedful parents are the most frequent users of spying apps. It is not surprising because they must be sure that kids are in safe and people they communicate won’t hurt them. Such programs allow parents to read all text messages and chats, control their social media activity, track location and more. WhatsApp is a widespread app among teens. They use it frequently to communicate with friends freely. Unfortunately, some unfamiliar people can be dangerous, and young children can’t realize it in time. Here is the article that highlights the influence of social networks on teens and proves how important is to control their Internet activity. If you spy on WhatsApp of your son or daughter, you must view all files he or she sends to other people, and what is the subject of their conversations.

  • If you spy on your spouse

whatsapp spyTracking apps are very popular among suspicious husbands and wives who don’t trust their spouses and want to track their everyday activity. Insincere and cheating people won’t use simple SMS to communicate with their admirers because they are not secured. WhatsApp as one of the top-notch apps requires a password, so it is a better way to chat. Therefore, you must have full access to this app and monitor its actions. Luckily, some trackers provide this option for their users.

  • If you monitor your employees

whatsapp spyThe problem of lazy and unreliable staffers is common for numerous business owners. It is crucial for employers to oversee the activity of workers and be sure that they don’t waste time for personal issues during the working day. It is not enough to monitor their calls and messages. Social media networks and apps for communication steel much more time. And to track WhatsApp is crucial to improving the entire condition of your company.

If you still hesitate about the necessity to monitor someone’s, read this guide and find answers to your questions.


There is no doubt that tracking apps are very useful and valuable in some life situations. If the tracking of instant messengers like WhatsApp is crucial for you, we offer you to purchase only the high-quality mobile tracker. We are sure that you won’t have any problems with that and very soon enjoy a worthy monitoring app. Please, leave your comments below about your reasons to spy on someone’s instant messages and what program do you choose for that purpose. Did you find it on our list? Let’s learn the best monitoring programs together.


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