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How to Find Hidden Spyware on Android?

Monitoring software is an extremely useful product if used wisely. Undoubtedly, we all want to be the smart ones, the ones who monitor other’s activity along with phones. But what if we are who being targeted and it’s our phones that are being monitored?

In order to track your Android phone and monitor every keystroke and any activity, someone needs to install surveillance software onto the cell phone. Besides obvious reasons this could happen due to malware – a part of other innocent apps downloaded recently. But also your jealous spouse might have done this as surveillance software allows tracking each other’s activity, texts, chats, and calls.

How to tell if my Android phone has a hidden spyware

How to know that your Android phone is being tracked? Is a surveillance app like a keylogger installed on the phone? You can check your Android for spyware presence by analyzing the following signs: suddenly low battery, unusually hot cell and strange background noises, an unusual usage of data. If you noticed such behavior on your Android, it means that you are being spied on through your phone.

Random boots are another indication of spy apps on Android. As well as weird text messages with strange letter combinations or numbers. These are command your spies use to communicate with hacked target gadget. Also, you may notice unknown apps showing up out of nowhere on your phone – because of malware as well as spyware that downloads various apps without the owner’s consent.

If you want to be completely sure that it is not your paranoia and your Android is being tracked, try to run anti-spy programs. Anti-tracking software, the best of which is Avast, is available at the app market. Avast Free Antivirus can successfully detect and block your phone from being tracked.

How to find and remove spyware from Android phone?

In case the android monitoring app is on your phone, you can uninstall it. Try to find malware products manually by scanning your Android and viewing your Apps folder. After finding anything unfamiliar and suspicious – uninstall it. The easiest way out is wiping the cell clean and after the mentioned procedure starting from scratch. This procedure might be time-consuming, but it ensures the safety of your data like no other. Stop someone from spying on your cell phone.


  • Marlo says:


  • Ross says:

    Hi, I picked up a keylogger i think it might be from what i have gathered, when i tried to download a keyboard app for my pc and remotely link it up with my Android Tablet.
    i very shortly realised something was wrong and did all i knew of at the time, to rid myself of this software and i restored my pc and so forth.

    I think it might have been that very night, it couldve been automatic software, but felt like someone on the other end was messing with me, so in the process of talking to people more tech savvy about me about what to do on facebooks messenger,

    frequencies came out of nowhere through my tablet and next minute, This radio like voice was broadcasted through my tablet while my screen stayed the same, it was very very confronting talking about a lot of stuff that felt very specific to me, almost like i was being personally targetted, its hard to remember it all, i even used the messenger camera to film a few clips of myself freaking out,

    it proceeded to mention things like it knew me and how to play on that, but then it mentioned, how all us young people will get together and waste our lives drinking alcohal at OUR LOCAL CLUB. it mentioned this place by name.

    i am young, and im very much anti conformist, i hate that place and all the people who go there. social stigmas and so on.

    now if this is merely a keylogger, why and how,

    I Had personal credentials on the tablet before factory resetting it, and even my mother had used a site with saved passwords and her credit car details up on there, i know, very stupid and ameteur but im no tech wizz or ever thought id experience that so i was naive

    ive done everything i can for muy pc and anti virus on my tablet too, but
    if i may be superstitious, it felt like who ever crafted that had a more important message he was relating to me in a very benevolent way,

    so what pathways would anyone suggest i pursue after this? i would like to know if the logger is still around despite the anti virus’ and spy bots and so on….

    it didn’t just feel like theft, or simple mockery, it was deviantly intellectual

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