How to identify spyware on your hacked Android cell?

Monitoring software is an extremely useful product if used wisely. Undoubtedly we all want to be the smart ones, the ones who monitor other’s activity along with phones. But what if we are who being targeted and it’s our phones are being hacked?

In order to hack your phone and monitor every step someone would need to install a surveillance software onto the cell phone. Besides obvious reasons this could happen due to malware – a part of other innocent apps downloaded recently. But also your jealous spouse might have done this as surveillance software allows tracking each other’s activity, texts, chats and calls.

hack phoneHow to be sure your phone is hacked and have surveillance app installed? Things like suddenly low battery, unusually hot cell and strange background noises should make you wonder. Moreover, if you noticed an unusual usage of data, it means a possible attack of a spy agent.

Random boots is another indication of a mobile spy presence as well as weird text messages with strange letter combinations or numbers – these are command your spies use to communicate with hacked target gadget. Also, you may notice unknown apps showing up out of nowhere on your phone –activity is caused by malware as well as spyware that downloads various apps without owner’s consent.

If you want to be completely sure that it is not your paranoia, try to run anti-spy programs that are available at app market. In case spy product will be found and your phone truly hacked you can uninstall it. Try to find malware products manually by viewing your Apps folder. After finding anything unfamiliar and suspicious – uninstall it.

The easiest way out is wiping the cell clean and after mentioned procedure starting from the scratch. This procedure might be time-consuming, but it ensures the safety of your data like no other.

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