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Top 5 iPhone Parental Monitoring Apps

iphone XGone are the days when childproofing your house would keep your children safe. Today, when children have their phones, it is imperative that parents exercise to indulge in iPhone parental monitoring what their children are up to with their devices. So, how can you do that?

Is there an app for parents to monitor the iPhone? How do I put parental monitoring on my child’s iPhone that they can not find? What parental controls are available for monitoring on the iPhone? It is natural to feel overwhelmed by these questions. Not anymore!

How we chose and tested iPhone parental monitoring apps

1. Ease of installation

Is the process of installation and configuration hassle-free? Are there compatibility issues due to the differences in devices or software of parent’s and child’s iPhones?

2. Filtering

What are the filtering options offered by each app? Are these options successful in filtering the inappropriate content?

3. Price

What is the annual service charge of the app? How many iPhones and children can be monitored at a time?

4. Location Tracking

Does the app support geofencing? Are you able to locate your child in emergencies, and does the app give information regarding all the previous locations the child had been to?

5. Time Management

What are the tools available in the app using which the screen time of your child can be restricted?

6. Management of App

How effectively does the app monitor, restrict or block the usage of the app? Does it allow you to see the other apps used by the child?

7. Messaging

Are you able to check up on the child’s text messages and block inappropriate content using the app? Do you get notifications about the new contacts? Does the app confirm whether the app used by the child is limited to messaging? If needed, can you block the messaging app in the child’s device?

So, what is the best parental monitoring for iPhone? We will find out in the next sections.


mspy dashboard

mSpy is the best iPhone parental monitoring app that is compatible with iOS and Android. It keeps a record of the activities on the child’s device and enables continuous monitoring. mSpy also offers a version that does not require jailbreaking.

  • Check multimedia messages

You can keep a check on the multimedia messages exchanged by your child onWhatsapp, Snapchat, and other messengers with the help of this iPhone spy software for parents. You can also keep an eye on messages that include photos and videos. You can view them as thumbnails and immediately identify if they are inappropriate.

  • Geofencing

With geofencing, you can create virtual boundaries for your child and exercise parental controls. You will get instant alerts when the device breaks the boundaries.

  • Monitor browsing

This feature of parental control apps lets you know the websites visited by your child. Additionally, there is a mSpy website blocking feature which helps you block bad content.

Download mSpy

Highster Mobile

highster mobile dashboard

The specialty of this iPhone parental monitoring is that it gets data from your child’s device and sends it to your online account. The good news is that this app has a version that needs no jailbreaking.

  • Monitor calls and messages

While most apps can monitor only text messages, this cell phone monitoring app allows you to monitor kid’s iPhone activity free. You can monitor Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber messages too. It stores text messages even after they get deleted from the iPhone.

  • Tracks location

This feature enables you to know where your child is. The GPS location of the child’s device gets continuously uploaded on a Google Map.

  • Control on phone camera

It is one of the best parental controls for the iPhone. Using this unique feature, the app provides a stealth camera to view the surroundings of the device through the iPhone camera.

  • View browsing history

This feature lets you see the browsing history of the child’s iPhone and store it. You can remotely send commands to collect the data immediately.

Download Highster Mobile


spyfone dashboard

SpyFone is another iPhone parental monitoring software that is very useful in monitoring employees’ or children’s iPhones. It does the monitoring remotely and works with iPhone and Android without any issues.

  • Message monitoring

Monitors messages exchanged through social media and SMS in real-time. You can also access the sender’s and receiver’s contact details.

  • Live control panel

The app allows you to monitor the iPhone every second and gives live updates about the location and much more.

  • SMS Commands

By sending text messages from your iPhone, you can accomplish tasks on the monitored phone.

Download SpyFone


ourpact app

Ourpact is a trusted cell phone monitoring app for iPhone that works across platforms like iOS and Android. It is designed to let parents supervise the devices used by their children.

  • Manage many devices

Using separate management options for different children, this app lets you manage up to 20 iPhone iPad.

  • App Rules

This feature helps you check any hidden app used by the child. The advantage is that you can give different management rules for each app.

  • Screen Time Allowance

This premium feature of parental control apps enables parents to set fixed iPhone screen time for the child. The child independently manages the allowance time, thereby learning to be responsible.

Download Ourpact


familytime app

FamilyTime is the best iPhone parental monitoring app that lets you know about your children’s activities on their iPhone. It comes handy in emergencies when the children can even communicate with the parents without any delay.

  • Limit screen time

It helps in better time management of your child by restricting their screen time.  For example, BedTime controls can be used to limit iPhone iPad usage at night.

  • Internet Filtering

Using this feature, you can block inappropriate websites and have a web filter to block specific categories of content. There is also an option to activate SafeSearch on search engines to make undesirable content invisible to children.

  • Family Locator

This feature lets you track the current and previous locations of your children. The exciting part is that the location info of all the children can be seen on a single map. It helps you keep your kids safe.

Download FamilyTime

How do I monitor my child’s iPhone?

mSpy is the best iPhone monitoring software. Choose the subscription that works well with you and fill an online form. After the payment is made, you will get the instructions to install from mSpy. Download the application on the target iPhone and start monitoring. You can log into your Control Panel to track activities and keep kids safe.

Can Snapchat be monitored by parents?

Yes, you can use the mSpy Snapchat parental control app to monitor Snapchat activities. With this, the multimedia files that are exchanged can be accessed easily. There is an advanced option of retrieving the messages even after they are deleted. Whether it is business secrets or your child’s safety, you can rely on this app for security purposes.

Whichever app you choose to keep track of your child’s activities, your child must be safe. In a world of information overload, it is always best to limit your kids’ exposure to good content.


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