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Find Hidden Apps All people like secrets and have them enough. But with the modern technological revolution, the number of those secrets increased. All of us have our web browser histories that are completely private. And some of us have even apps on our phones that are hidden from others. And how to find hidden apps on other people’s phones we are going to talk about today.

Usually, people hide their mobile phone apps from others if they do any nasty things like chatting with people they don’t want someone else to know about. Also, they share content and even cheat on their wives and husbands.

And if you are one of those people who suspect their spouse on cheating, you should get to the end point in this situation. How is it possible? Well, first of all, you need to find those stealth mode apps. Find out if there are any, and why your spouse is using them. Then you have just two ways. In the first case, your spouse is really cheating on you, or your worries are just baseless, and you can calm down.

Ways to Find Android Hidden Apps

Find Hidden Apps Modern mobile phones apps are very powerful, and lots of them have stealth modes. It means your spouse can use any stealth mode app without any signs. Those hidden features often are used by various messengers that can be easily downloaded from any app store.

It is almost impossible for any other person except the phone’s owner to detect those hidden apps on Android, unless, you know how to do it right. Of course, it would be not enough just to open the location of all installed apps on the target phone.

But if you live in one apartment with your beloved one, you have almost constant access to the mobile phone you want to scan. Just grab the target phone when your spouse is sleeping and do some particular actions we will tell you about in this article.

Use Target Phone Settings and Interface

First of all, you can try to identify any stealth mode apps just using target’s phone Settings section.

  • Press Settings button and find the section with all apps listed. It is especially useful for Android phones and tablets. Here you can find all installed apps along with those are hidden.
  • Use two navigation buttons on the target phone. We are talking about Back and Task. Get to the Menu and press Task. There you will see an option called Show hidden apps. Tap on it and wait if there will be any new points on the list shown to you.
  • Then you can also check out your partner’s web browser history. Surf through any missing data or new media files. Note if the web history is cleared off regularly.
  • If the smartphone you are trying to check out is rotted, you should use View all installed apps option in Settings.
  • If the target phone is an iOS powered device, you may try to use this way Settings > General > Restrictions.

But situations, when the target device does not support any of these methods and features, are also possible. In this case, you can find hidden apps just with one and only third party app.

Use Tracking Apps

Find Hidden Apps It might be the only way for you to find hidden apps and find out if your spouse is really cheating on you. People call those programs spy apps, keyloggers, phone trackers, etc. but the main principle each of those apps works remains basically the same. It is all about keystroke logging.

These days spy apps also have lots of other functions that would be useful for those users who are trying to catch a cheating spouse. But we will talk about those options later. Here is how you can find hidden apps with the help of a phone tracking app.

  • Read some reviews about the most reliable and effective spy applications on the modern market. There are lots of them in various app stores. All you need is just to choose one for yourself for a start.
  • Grab your spouse’s phone and enter an apps store it is compatible with.
  • Find the installation file of the application in your Apple Store or Play Market.
  • Install the application directly on the target phone.
  • Enable a stealth mode.
  • Register your profile on the spy app’s official website.
  • Use its interface and personal cabinet to set spying settings and control logged info.

Actually, this is it. The program will work constantly. And even when there will be no Wi-Fi connection to send logged info to your account, the app will continue collecting data and will send it to you as soon as the Internet connection is renewed.

How It Works

The app collects different type information about the target phone’s activity. While you will receive details about all incoming and outgoing calls and messages, you will get a whole picture about the apps your spouse uses for chatting. If there is any app hidden from the official installed apps list of the target device, you will easily see in details.

Besides, modern spy apps also provide such great feature as GPS location tracking. It gives you an opportunity to spy on your spouse’s location right from your apartment and find out the newest info about his or her physical location. So yes, when your husband says he is still in the office, you can check it easily using that great GPS tracking feature.

There are lots of various spy apps on the market these days. It is easy to find any important info about the most popular programs available. Just get through some reviews. We can recommend trying such bestsellers as XNSPY, SpyEra, MMGuardian, SecureTeen, and Hoverwatch. Some of those phone tracking apps also can be used as a parental control tool, but it is a whole another story.

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