How to Spy On Someone’s iPhone


How to spy on someone’s iPhone?

spying-iphoneYou may ask many questions such as:

  • How to hack someone’s phone remotely?
  • Can I spy on someone’s iPhone without touching it?
  • What about some software for iPhone spying? Are they worth using?
  • Does remote iPhone monitoring work properly?
  • My friend says that I can install some software and I can keep an eye on someone’s iPhone. Is it true?

Surveillance software is the only answer to all these questions. Use spy software, and you will be able to monitor someone’s iPhone or iPad without any difficulties. These apps are completely undetectable and easy to use. Just follow the simple installation process and start monitoring.

iphone-monitoringHow to install iPhone spy software?

  1. You need to jailbreak the target iPhone for the proper work of monitoring software;
  2. After the jailbreaking your device, you have to find the Cydia app on the springboard and open it;
  3. Tap the “Sources” icon at the bottom of the phone’s screen. And then tap “Edit” button which you may find in the top-right corner of the screen;
  4. After that, tap the “Add” button and type the URL of the spy software which you will find on the website of the software you want to install. Tap the “Add Source” button;
  5. Return to the Sources menu and find the installation file;
  6. Then tap “Install” to install monitoring software;
  7. After the phone finishes installing you have to reboot the device.

Following these steps, you get the monitoring software work on the target iPhone.

After the installation process, you may configure the monitoring features by yourself. You can configure spy software to log the data that you want to track. You will find step-by-step instructions, so it’s quite easy to do.

 Which features can iPhone spy software provide?

iphone-monitoring-spyMost of iPhone monitoring applications provide the common set of features which is able to guarantee the comprehensive and high-quality monitoring. The main features of the phone monitoring software are the next.

Monitoring calls

With the help of spy software, you will be able to track all incoming and outgoing calls, record and listen to all phone calls of the owner of the target iPhone. Many apps are able to record the conversation and after recording it will be uploaded to your personal online account.

Tracking text messages

You can have access to all sent and received SMS messages and all details about messages, for example, time, date and content of every message.

iphone-monitoring-iosMonitoring chats and conversations, photos and other media files on social networks and messengers

You will be able to monitor chats and accounts on social networks and messengers like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Viber, iMessenger, and others. Thus, with the help of iPhone spy software, you can get a complete picture of all messages, and chats on all communication channels that your children, significant others, and employees use on their phones.

Spying on photos, videos, other files and phone camera

Using iPhone monitoring software, you can get access to all photos and all videos that were made using phone camera or that were stored in the phone memory. Smartphones and tablets now can give the users the opportunity to take photos and to post them immediately on their accounts on social networks. Often people don’t think that these photos can be used against them. So they can get in troubles because of the thoughtless publication of their photos. With the help of iPhone monitoring software, you can be aware of such activities.

Monitoring emails, Gmail accounts

iPhone monitoring apps enable you to track all emails and messages of the owner of the target phone. You can see all received and sent emails, messages on Gmail chats in details. It means that you will see the content of emails, time and date logs.

Tracking GPS location

track-iphone-locationWith the help of iPhone monitoring software, you will be able to track the GPS location of the target phone. A real current GEO data on the location of the phone that you want to monitor will be displayed on the map by your request.

Spying on Internet activities

The phone spy apps usually provide monitoring of web browser history. Use surveillance software for spying on iPhones, and you will be able to view every website page that was opened and viewed using target iPhone or iPad.

It is important that many phone spy apps can provide monitoring different devices at the same time. Almost all spy programs do not require direct access to the device in order to gather information. You need to have access to the target device only once while installing iPhone monitoring application on the target iOS device.

Online dangers. Are they real?

iphone-monitoring1Technical development helps us in all spheres of our lives. But at the same time using iPhones and Androids can cause many problems and threats. Malware is one of the most popular dangers which may harm your computer, and it’s quite easy to avoid them. But there are so many other dangerous situations and cyber crimes. And people who are the real criminals stand behind them. We are talking about disclosing the confidential information of your company, cyber bullying, blackmail, online harassment, etc. And every person who uses phones can become a victim of cyber criminals.

How to protect your family and business from online threats?

iphone-monitoringThere are different ways how to protect your family and business from Internet and phone dangers. For, example you can:

  • Disable your employees and children to use their cell phones and tablets completely;
  • Install the powerful security systems and check their proper work on a regular basis;
  • Use surveillance software and monitor easily all iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets of your employees, and significant other. Use them also for parental control.
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