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Spying Ninja website represents a set of unbiased reviews on popular spy apps for Android, iPhone and other OS devices. Check the top preferred cell spy apps of 2017, reviewed by many competent clients: from individuals to entire organizations that remained satisfied with the functionality of given spying software for Android.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that cell phone spy software technologies are spreading with the speed of light. Not so long ago, only FBI and similar authorities were able to interrupt the lives of other citizens and penetrate their cell phone technologies. Although it is still not really ethical among phone users, it is absolutely legal to apply special spying software offered for free on the Internet. One has to take care of his own mobile security and understand online risks to his confidentiality when buying a cell or a mobile phone.

mSpy is among the leading spy apps

mSpy key features presented and visualized

It’s impossible to ignore the power of mSpy. It reflects every text message, every contact, and every single call made on the targeted Android device, one’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Suggested spy app works perfectly with iOS 6 – 8.1.2. You may find the cost a bit expensive at first, but the offered mobile functions are worth every cent you spend.

You deal with an absolute leader when you choose mSpy. It wins by providing:

  1. Unmatched quality & impressive feature list
  2. Killing customer support
  3. Fair price for amazing spy software
  4. Multiple subscription options

We should focus on the feature list as on most important point. It is obvious that mSpy includes logging options, safe and easy control panels, and other basic functions. Cell and mobile phone owners select this spy app due to other original and magnificent abilities such as defining the location of individual under monitoring through GPS tracking. No matter how far your kids are, you may check whether they’re in the right place.

You may begin to screen all calendar events and activities taken by your targeted person. Internet activity of another person would be reflected as clear as never before. His or her e-mails and every text message will be displayed in a way they appear on the chosen phone screen.

You are now able to control entire work of your employees and partners to make sure no one is going to commit fraud against you. Sure thing, the Internet requires heavy browser usage. Analyze browser history as easy as ABC with amazing spy app. Skype and other social networks won’t be ignored as well.

Interested? Download and install one proposed package. There are two of them: Basic and Premium with the prices of $39.99 and $69.99 per month respectively.

TeenSafe parental spy app

TeenSafe spy application dashboard

As you probably guessed from its name, here comes a spy app specifically developed for parental mobile usage and control. Each photo and message on the phone made by your child may tell a lot.

Do you wish to block a harmful website? Consider TeenSafe as your mobile phone savior. Experts offer to download it fast and begin watching after your children’s weird hobbies, step-by-step message, and communication. This spy product prevents families from potential break-ups or even worse.

Welcome one more cell and mobile phone spy application for desperate parents or elder brothers/sisters. Track and monitor phone location and activities on various targeted Android devices, mobile phone, or iPhone. Feature list claims you’ll be able to:

  • view each incoming/outgoing SMS message
  • control phone video or image
  • monitor Instagram, WhatsApp, and mobile Internet activities
  • use child’s phone camera for your own purposes
  • keep track of every movement
  • visit same location as your targeted person did
  • block unfavorable mobile website

This amazing cell spy app comes along with a 7-day free trial; the cost after trial period turns $14.95 per month. Many grown-ups with mobile phone pick up this solution because of reliability, convenience, and nice user support. Keep your children safe!

Easy Spy

easy spy software dashboard on mobile

Most probably, you’re crazy about your own iPhone or Android device. It makes sense these communication items are the most popular on the smartphone market today.

The first spy app to explore is a famous Easy Spy. Those who pick such a wonderful software to spy and keep an eye on partners or children definitely wins thanks to the opportunity to view any text message, phone call, mobile app, browser history, e-mail list, and social media accounts. By doing so, the “attacking” mobile phone client remains innocent as it is impossible to determine who is spying after its victims.

It’s the best method to track basically every step of the targeted phone object. We all know some people remove suspicious video or image files and delete provoking SMS message once they learn the content. With the offered cell and mobile phone spy app, there is a chance to find any missed text message, deleted video, or replaced image. You may track the mobile phone with the help of inserted GPS. It is useful while searching for the lost mobile device.


The details of the Android smartphone or another targeted device appear in your personal account online. Don’t miss a chance to scan it without installing software.
Everyone enjoys installing various things (GPS navigators, games, other application items), but what about a remote uninstall function? It allows deleting any junk from your child’s mobile phone. We mean porn sites, useless game applications, and other harmful software.

Proposed cell and mobile phone spy app is monitoring and keeping tabs on your family, foes, and friends. Get call or location details by buying one of the least expensive tools on the web. Mind there is a single time fee of $69.99.



Let us introduce one more effective cell and mobile phone spy app known as one of the wisest solutions for curious citizens. Has your spouse just received a suspicious phone message? Did you try to spy and access the same site your colleague is observing silently all days long? Do not worry – you won’t be a cheater in anyone’s eyes as the mobile phone spy software offered here works anonymously.

You get the best compromised mobile phone spy solution along with MobiStealth tracker. If you’re not sure how to apply particular feature, official spy app site is there to help you with any questions regarding the targeted cell phone, iPhone, or Android device.

Leave a question in the 24/7 live chat. Not only excellent support makes the product accessible. Low Basic edition’s cost of $19.99 per a period of two weeks makes this mobile phone spy technology for your Android device or iPhone even more attractive. The usage of MobiStealth allows:

  • reading any text message
  • exploring mobile e-mail
  • watching social network conversation
  • observing every phone call
  • and more spy activities

In addition, this cool cell spy monitoring software has camera features.


Ispyoo spy app review

Well, before finishing our review, we decided to add one more efficient, easy, fast, and safe mobile phone spy app and tracker in one face called Ispyoo. That’s a very cheap cell and mobile phone spy software for those who wish to save some money.

Install Ispyoo to be able to link, lock, note, and monitor video, text, etc. We’re talking about personal mobile phone user’s information from your target mobile phone or Android device. View location with the help of inserted GPS. Observe smartphone text message to find whether your close person is telling the truth. Force the camera to make a real-time video for you to spy and know where the person is.

Perhaps, Ispyoo is not the best software on the spying market, but every second review shows it’s a rather useful mobile-related product. The best news is one can purchase Ispyoo for no more than $22.99. Funny cost, isn’t it? Thus, many users consider Ispyoo a pretty cheap phone tracker and app.

It is often used by business owners for their professional purposes such as spying on the employees with the help of their tablet or iPhone. The app monitors full gadget activity: from viewing browser history and making it possible to block nasty site to logging personal account to see if your colleagues have something against you. Explore every received and sent SMS or MMS message along with every made outgoing/incoming call. No one will be able to disclose secret practices.

Every discussed smart cell phone tracking app costs not too high, so you can try to download, install, and work with any offered spy software right now!

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