How is it possible to put parental controls on iPad?

kids-ipadParental controls are specific restrictions provided by a hacking app. This is the essential option for most of the parents to hack their kid’s phone or tablet. If you install such hacking tool on a target phone, you have an opportunity to control all the applications and content your child is allowed to access. So, all the restrictions must be enabled and set in Options.

First of all, you should know that settings for iPhone and iPad are very similar as both devices phone and tablet are powered by iOS.

So the main point about the hacking case is the passcode or password that should be unique so even the cleverest kids who know your phone well could not break it. Some hacking applications for a cell phone and tablet require specific settings for children of different age and even temperament. Your own preferences will be considered too in most cases. Once the restrictions are set on the phone, you can be calm your kids can’t see or hear anything inappropriate on their or even your iPad or phone. Also, they will not be able to change any settings, delete any applications, buy anything restricted or make and take calls.


Parental control is the option that makes any hacking app really useful. So the list of restrictions that may be set is quite long:

  • Certain programs
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Images
  • Functions and options
  • Privacy settings
  • Calls
  • Messages

How to enable restrictions?

To enable that function on iPad with a typical hacking application you should enter General settings of the application and tap on Restrictions and choose Enable. If you’ve registered your personal account on the official website, you can set options remotely. Also, it is possible to set your personal password to prevent kids changing any settings in the app itself. It is recommended to note your password. In case you forget it, you will have to delete the hacking program from your phone or iPad. Here you can learn how to reset restrictions on iPad.

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