Review of Teensafe: Reliable Teen Cell Phone Monitoring App for Parents

teensafe logoWho our children are chatting with? Where are they now? What photos do they post on Instagram and Facebook? All these questions can cause a lot of worries. The main task of all parents is to ensure the safety of their children. And with the development of software and digital technologies the amount of reasons to worry about has increased dramatically.

We can’t now control our children and their activities so tightly as several years before. With the help of phones, tablets, web, social networks our children have got unlimited possibilities that at the same time can pose a threat to their safety. That’s why in order to help parents to take care of their children the developers have designed spy applications that can be used to monitor activities of kids’ cell phones and tablets. And TeenSafe if one of the best spy apps which specialize in monitoring teens.

mspy software downloadWhat is TeenSafe?

teensafe_screenTeenSafe is a well known and extremely reliable phone and text message spying application. It was designed by parents, so be sure that all important details were taken into account. The app was designed especially for monitoring activities which go through teens’ cell phones and tablets. The app includes all necessary features and does not contain any trash that you don’t actually need, but which you would have to pay for. So using TeenSafe you can get the best set of features at best price.

TeenSafe can provide you with certain information that you want to know about your child or children who are under the age of 18. The app also gives you an opportunity to manage target phones and tablets remotely without knowing of the owners of the target devices. Use TeenSafe, and you will get the access to all text messages, calls, photos, GPS location and other information that goes through the target phone and which could be hidden by the special free app.

 Is it legal to use TeenSafe Spy App?

legacy-to-use-spy-appsYou would ask whether Teensafe is legit. Of course, spying on someone’s phone calls or text messages without them knowing violates the right to privacy. If you are a business owner or a Top manager and you want to monitor your employees, you should warn them about that. Because any government and private actions that can break the boundaries of someone’s privacy are precisely restricted.
But when we are talking about monitoring phones and tablets of our minor children that mean children who are younger than 18 years old then the situation is different. Monitoring of minors’ phones by their parents is completely within the legal framework. You should understand that according to the law you have the legal right to track your child’s phone activities, messages, web history.  As for your child’s awareness of your monitoring, it is completely your own decision, and there is no legislative restrictions and rules.

mspy software download

How does TeenSafe work?

teen-safe-allsowasTeenSafe is a phone and text message spy app which provides a great set of features which can give you the complex information about your child’s phone activities. TeenSafe enables its subscriber to:

  • Monitor the GPS location of the child’s phone. The current GPS location of your child’s device such as a tablet or smartphone will be available by your request. Just sign in to your personal account and all GPS information will be presented on the map. The app also provides a history of movements of the target phone;
  • Determine the boundaries. You can determine the territory on which your children can move without any reasons for your concern. And you will get the alert if you child crosses defined boundaries;
  • Track all calls. TeenSafe gives you an opportunity to view the list of all incoming and outgoing call logs, including phone number and contact name. In your personal account, you will also see the date of the calls and the duration of incoming and outgoing  calls;
  • Monitor all text messages. Spy on all sent, received  SMS messages and iMessages as well. The app provides access to messages which were deleted by the owner of the target phone;
  • Monitor chats and conversations on messengers like WhatsApp, Kik Messenger, Snapchat. Using TeenSafe you can get access to chats, photos and other files which were sent through messengers;
  • Monitor address book of the target phone. You can view all detailed contact information in an address book of the target phone;
  • Spy on web browser history. The subscriber of TeenSafe will be able to see the full  list of all websites which were visited using the target device, favorite websites, all bookmarks, etc.;
  •  Monitor Instagram profiles.  Use TeenSafe, and you will be able to see all posts, comments, pictures, photos, videos, and followers of the owner of the target phone or tablet;

[Updated] The new feature of the TeenSafe is the ability to see all apps that were installed on your kid’s phone that you are monitoring.

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Pros And Cons Of TeenSafe



      • TeenSafe can work properly without iOS jailbreaking or the rooting of the Android phones. It means that TeenSafe does not violate the warranty of the target phone. And you can preserve the integrity of the device’s operating system;
      • You can add an unlimited number of devices that you want to monitor. And what is more important you wouldn’t have to pay for this. This option is especially suitable for parents who have more than one child;
      • You can try TeenSafe for free using free trial version of the app that is available on the website of the service;


      • TeenSafe’s policy interdict displaying the images or videos that were sent via texts; It can limit the monitoring, but not essentially;
      • Customer support is not available 24/7 and Live chat is not available at all. For some users, it can become a real problem. But high quality and uninterrupted operation of TeenSafe can reduce appeals to the customer support team to a minimum.

How much does Teensafe Cost?

As we have mentioned, TeenSafe has a free trial version. You can use TeenSafe for free during one week. After the trial version is over, you would have to pay $14.95 for a monthly subscription. The price is quite attractive, especially if you get the ability to monitor more than one device for the same price.
Note that TeenSafe uses the industry-leading tool of data encryption that can ensure the security of your family’s personal data. Your personal information will be reliably protected by volumetric data encryption technology and will available only on your personal online panel.



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