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Mobile Spy Phone Tracking Software Complete Review

Updated March 11, 2020 to reflect the latest changes in the software and services mentioned.

mobile spy website screenshotLiving in a modern world will likely to leave you no space for having your privacy secured. We buy cutting-edge cell phones, the most contemporary mobile devices, call our friends using gadgets and try to lead our life without regrets but think about whether it is worth doing this way. It might have the later aftereffects when it comes to personal data protection since the information is often used in an adverse way. In this review, we want to focus on spying software Mobile Spy that allows you to uncover hidden information about other people on a remote basis but must be used only for good reasons.

Why People Choose Mobile Spy App?

girl looking on a screen of her smartphoneThis software was developed to monitor on the phone everything you need and help you to track a little child, lazy employee or cheating spouse remotely. This phone tracker monitors the smartphone’s activity without being identified unless technical experts reveal you. By using the online phone tracker, a customer can view every single detail that is accessible within the frame of the app usage. Here are few life spheres that can benefit from phone monitoring software.

  • Personal gain. People frequently face with various concerns. Parents worry about their children or elders, men and women are not sure about the sincerity of their loved ones. Such situations require some decisions. Reliable tracking programs such as Mobile Spy can help you to control your kids’ online activity, monitor websites they visit (and even block some of them), be aware of their friends and other people they communicate via social networks and instant messengers, view places they visit and more. This software is also useful if you don’t trust your spouse, or if you have old relative with memory issues and want to track his movements during the day.
  • Business gain. It can be a challenge for the employer to find reliable and skilled staff members. Very often even professional employees try to avoid some working tasks or sell some confidential information to competitors. Until recently, it was hard to detect, but Mobile Spy app helps you to track all your employees who have corporate cell phones and be aware of their actions. Spying software can help you to keep everything under control.

It is not surprising that Mobile Spy app technology is the product that has gained a growing popularity, engaging new clients on a regular basis who are always eager to take the best of the innovative stealth device.

Mobile Spy App Outstanding Features

live panel of mobile spy application which describes its major featuresThe monitoring app has become popular and can satisfy specific requirements of customers at the moment due to the following functions:

  • view all SMS and other text messages thanks to the excellent setting mode;
  • keep track and read WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, and other available instant messaging programs;
  • collect and record the location data as well as the location history as often as you want to by making use of the phone app;
  • learn more about Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks activity including messages sent and received on the target mobile phone;
  • logs with call info, visited websites, browsing history;
  • view live screen activity of the target phone or another device (available only on premium accounts).

Mobile Spy app can be installed on iPhone, Blackberry or Android-based mobile phone, including the variety of models, developed by HTC, Apple and other companies.

Installation Process

kids checking their phonesDevelopers made everything to help you to install this phone tracker without any troubles. The system will automatically notify a mobile app user clarifying next steps. Instructions will every step associated with the installation process to have the appropriate login and activate an account. By doing this, it will be a good start with every feature available.

After this, you should install the tamper-proof onto the compatible mobile phone you wish to check. All the logs will be inserted into the online account to spy on the current GPS location. You will be able to view every message and be aware of everything with no necessity to waste time on physical spying. You will have access to your online account by logging with any Internet browser. Pay attention that it is recommended to check if the phone spying programs are legal in your region. Keep in mind that illegal monitoring leads to breaking the law and privacy violation.

Why People Prefer Mobile Spy Phone App?

  1. Live control. Add live control panel option and easily view the screen as well as the current location on a map. These features are unique and provided only by advanced phone monitoring software such as Mobile Spy app.
  2. 24/7 customer support. The agents are always at your disposal in Florida offices to resolve any issue.
  3. The updated system you can trust. Since the day of the product creation, the team of programmers works hard to improve the application. It is striving to become the most reliable mobile phone tracker represented on the market.
  4. Monitor several devices simultaneously. In the case of the necessity, you can use your account to track several gadgets. Also, the company offers the discount for corporate clients following the urgency to monitor groups of cell phones.
  5. Affordable pricing. The app offers several packages for their customers. You may pick a standard plan that costs $100 per year or premium plan that costs $140 per year, for instance.


It has become crucial in the global context to keep the information secured, though the data disclosure often takes place. Otherwise, the end justifies the means. Parents consider the spy apps as vital tools to track little kids and teenagers trying to prevent them from various life troubles or protect from bad company. Cheating spouses can’t be relaxed because of the probability to be revealed. Business owners can affect the productivity of their employees by notifying them about the tracking campaign or do not tell them about it and check their honesty and loyalty to the company. We are sure that these arguments are worth of trying Mobile Spy software.


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