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How to record a conversation on an iPhone?

record-callYou can record a conversation using your iPhone. Recording conversations can be on a quest to find documented proof of an encounter or for your personal amusement.

Either way, being able to record a conversation using your iPhone is important. There are two methods which you can use to tape and listen to conversations, and we will go through them.

Method 1


tapeacallThere are a lot of taping applications on the iOS store. The best and efficient app to use is TapeACall. It is better compared to the many recording apps you can find in the store. You have to install it first and then you can key in your number, then they will send you a verification code via messaging. After verifying your phone number and launching the app, you are supposed to press the tape button. The app will call its service line. After a while, the app will avail the “add call’ option, and you can then choose the person whom you wanted to call. After a short while when the call goes through you will be provided with the “merge call’ option, and once you chose it, you can record your phone conversation.

Method 2

Google Voice

google-voice-featuresThis is another great and easy to use option. It is easy for you to get started with it and it is free. This service works for incoming calls only. You have to install the Google Voice app on your phone. After installing and launching the app, go to the settings option and select the `calls’ option and click on the click option.’ This will enable you to tape conversations on your phone. Your caller will be notified of the recording service for legal purposes.

You can listen to your taped call later on, and the app will try as much as possible to transcribe the conversation.


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