Best Parental Android Mobile Phone Trackers to Control Your Child

parental_control-appsSometimes in every parent life, there is no better option left rather than spying on his kid. There is no need to be nervous all the time because of all threats coming from your child’s Android phone or tablet. It’s up to you to decide how much screen time is enough for your kids once you get an efficient parental control app for free or buy the paid version.

The article covers ten best apps aimed to make sure your youngest family members remain safe in any life situation.

10 Various Effective Parental Control Solutions for Android Devices

parental-controlEvery mentioned software can be run on Android phone or iPhone as well as some other devices. Your kid won’t ever learn you’re using applications like that!

We stick to the following criteria:

  • best price or free subscription
  • installation process
  • ability to review entire internet activity
  • GPS location functionality
  • overall number of features
  • feedback

Android Device Manager

Children often lose their stuff. Young people require being under harsh parental control.  Apply the best parental control and phone detector tool to receive a full control over your child’s preferred device.

Not only you can read any message remotely, but quickly identify your child’s location thanks to the accurate GPS tracking feature. The installation process is extremely easy and fast. Users may order free trial period or buy full version at Google Play Store. Log in your personal user account from your favorite device to start managing the target object.

FlexiSPY & Its Extreme Version

This special parental control & mega spy app deserves to be among the best. It was discovered that approximately 30% of young adolescents have spoken to online strangers about intimate issues.

Parent may defend its child only through intensive internet access control (e.g., reading entire browser history) as well as:

  • Call intercept & recording: overhear full Android phone calls or part of the conversations
  • Cracking and stealing passwords: parental control involves getting necessary passwords and blocking harmful websites or apps.
  • Phone camera & multimedia management.
  • GPS location tracker.

You can read the incoming messages even if your child has lost its Android device.

Spy Era

One of the best and yet most expensive parental control solutions for Android, Spy Era allows both monitoring your own lost phone or tablet and watch after each step taken by your child’s device. It is developed to identify what your children are doing on the internet browser and what they search in Google.
As far as the given Android phone app is created to track mobile phone location as precisely as possible, you can also help your child find his lost device for free.

Among all regular features, Spy Era includes rare benefits such as:

  • Alert Wizard
  • Live call overhearing & recording
  • VoIP control
  • Pictures, videos, and audios access
  • Stealth mode on

Kids Place

kids place large
Moving to the free parental control software designed especially for the youngest Android users, it is impossible to ignore Kids Place. A parent might choose it because of the user-friendly interface and opportunity to filter out unfavorable apps. It is popular for letting users block the set up process of apps even if the child tries to buy them online. The limited access to Android and Google store prevents your kids from wasting time on games and other useless internet content.

Because the spy software from this developer is free and prevents a child from purchasing too many apps, parent saves a plenty of money thanks to his Android phone or tablet. Do you wish to make your kid use its phone or tablet for educational apps or digital entertainment? Hurry up to get Kids Place!

Highster Mobile

Best of the best control solutions a caring parent or spouse may find to track the location of the target Android phone as accurately as possible! It can be used as exclusive parental monitoring software in all English-speaking regions.

Android Highster Mobile makes it easy to explore all logged events on the web-based control panel. It can be found on Google. When installing this parental software, identify the goal of your usage. You do not necessarily need a phone: the app is available on PC as well. Parent will benefit from:

  • Accessibility to the child phone camera
  • Locking down the mobile phone remotely
  • Deleting bad apps
  • Cleaning browser history
  • Viewing a battery status
  • Recording phone calls
  • Applying a GPS functions

Web Watcher

It’s not the most famous Android parental control app, but it’s still on the list of the best parental tools. It works well with Windows, Mac OS, and iPhone as well. Web Watcher is basically focused on exploring full internet browser history, limiting access to Google and Android stores, forbidding definite sites, etc.

MM Guardian

Without paying much attention to the basic parental control functions, let’s move to the extreme set. This Android parental software makes it possible to place and lock your kid’s phone or tablet with the help of a single text message. You can set time limits and block certain apps on a remote basis too. Although MM Guardian offers a free 14-day trial, the full price is $50.


XNSpy large
An exceptional Android parental control tool available in the jailbreak mode. Apply Xnspy parental program with the Android 2.3.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x. each parent is supported with free 24-hour live customer support.

Once you set up Xnspy parental control software, you may:

  • Access phone call logs, contacts, and caller alerts
  • Read SMS or other types of messages
  • Track Tinder, Skype, Facebook, Line Chat, Viber, Kik, and Whatsapp messaging
  • View full GPS history and current Android device location


If the parent does not need any serious functions but the ability to block suspicious Android apps, this parental control solution might be the best. Apply password protection to the websites and apps you consider unpleasant. In addition, users may lock a device’s “calling” function to save mobile phone bill.

Screen Time

screen time large
The last parental control software we’ll discuss is geared towards parents with older children and adolescents. Parent will view the time a target phone or tablet spent on various internet browser activities, including the opportunity to view and delete Google history or uninstall some apps. Screen Time tool function in the background is making each parent totally invisible.

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