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How to Track an iPhone Without Being Noticed

In the modern world, various Internet technologies help people to reach different goals. If you are questioning yourself “How to monitor an iPhone secretly?”, we know the answer. Nowadays, people use a lot of special spy applications. They can allow you to get various information, such as open and read text messages and erased emails, view photos, and many other options even if a phone is locked with a password.
Track Iphone
Let’s see all reasons why people want to know how to track an iPhone by phone number:

  1. Parents always worry about their children safety. They may follow their whereabouts on a map to check if everything is fine.
  2. Jealous boyfriend/girlfriend may want to check if their partner is cheating; in this case they can use various apps to understand if their suspicions are right.
  3. Employer wants to control employees: if they are working properly and nobody leaves a building during working hours without alerting.
  4. Wife or husband may suspect their spouse is having an affair. A good choice is to use quality spy apps that will help to understand if something is wrong.
  5. Any person can use such programs to find their stolen or lost iPhone location.

Want to know how to track an iPhone? Read this article and get more information about spy applications. It doesn’t mean you have to be a professional hacker to do it – we assure anyone don’t need any special experience or knowledge.

Top 5 Apps or How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number!

Spy apps can be used on many various devices: iPhone, iPad, and iMac. We introduce to your attention our top 5 apps how to track an iPhone by phone number that is very easy and effective to use.

  1. Easy Spy – a simple and effective application to spy on iPhone. You can spy on every step on the target phone without being noticed.Tracking
  2. TeenSafe – a popular app for parents to control their kids and monitor their location. This is an amazing app to keep children safe. You will be able to get various data from their devices.
  3. mSpy – a famous program that can be used on iPhone that provides you with many functions. You can choose from various modes, and get all the needed information on the screen of your mobile using mSpy.
  4. TruthSpy – this is a good app to make sure your business is safe. You can control various information on your employees’ devices: sms messages, calls, photos, chats, passwords, etc.
  5. FlexiSpymonitor and locate anyone’s phone with a simple program that has a user-friendly interface.

With us, you have learned more how to track an iPhone by phone number. You can select one of these applications, or try them all to check which one suits you better.

Monitor Phone in Just a Couple of Clicks!

In 2012, Apple presented a great application Find My Friends that keeps you connected to family and friends. Are you lost in some unknown place while planned a meeting with your buddy? They can easily pick you up anywhere. It’s possible to monitor people location and track a cell phone location for free.

All you need to do is just download this app from iOS App Store on your iPhone / iPad, and then you can easily define your friends’ location. Don’t waste your time and try this simple free cell phone tracker! You can track phone number of your kids or spouse to find their location and check their safety.
TrackingWhat if you want to monitor phone of some strange person secretly, but you don’t get an idea how to track an iPhone without being noticed? You can use Find My Friends app effectively to spy on someone. All you need to do is enable application on someones iPhone, and then share their location to your iPhone without them knowing. These are preferences of using this program like a spy app:

  • you are able to see every movement of persons online;
  • you can set special reminders when a person leaves a certain location;
  • once a program is turned on, a person you are monitoring never get an alert someone is trying to locate them.

How to use Find My Friends to Spy on iPhone?

Tracking location
We want to share 5 simple steps how to use Find My Friends on your iPhone.

  1. At the start, download this app. Keep in your mind if a person you want to spy is running iOS 9, then this is a stock application that is already on the device.
  2. Open app on their iPhone, tap on their contact at the bottom and enable “Share My Location” option. Check out if their location is being shared from this device because other devices can be attached to this iCloud account.Track files
  3. Your next step is to share their location on your own iPhone, make your device discoverable to all people, and then back to their phone, and add your own contact. Hit your contact icon and press “share indefinitely” to share their position to your phone.
  4. The next point is accepting their location on your iPhone. You will see a popup icon asking if you’d like to share your location with them; if you don’t want them to see your position, click “don’t share”.
  5. Now you can see a person’s location in real time. You may set various options and get an alert when, for example, a person goes out from his\her house or work.
  6. Be careful! People rarely turn their attention to whom they shared their location through this application; you can easily hide this app so a person won’t see it at all on their phone. You can make it disappear with a folder.

We hope this article was useful and you learned new information about how to track an iPhone. In general, we don’t condone monitoring people location, but in some situations, it’s just necessary to do.


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