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Best Keylogger Apps for Remote Control and Spying

keylogKeylogger is a software program that has multiple purposes and a very controversial reputation. This software monitors devices and can steal your passwords and any other personal data. Great tool for criminals, isn’t it?

At the same time, keyloggers can protect your children from Internet dangers such as adult content and online bullying. Also, you can always know about your kids’ location thanks to special GPS tracking function. So, let’s speak about keylogger software purposes and capabilities more detailed.

It is impossible to imagine modern life without computers and smartphones. These gadgets became a massive part of our lives. We trust our lives to these devices. Our passwords, credit cards, personal information, are accessible from our computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Along with these devices more and more supplying and supporting tools had appeared. Such software can be used for good and bad purposes at the same time.

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Why use keylogger software

finfisher-spywareIf you have decided to install a keylogger on your computer or smartphone, but still do not know what exactly keylogger software can do and how it works. Well, before will start looking for an appropriate application you should decide what is the reason why you should install a keylogger software.

Need More Information on How to Install Keylogger a Remotely? Check this article.

Different programs have various features, and your choice should depend on the reason you want to become a keylogger user. So let us look closer at what the purposes of such software.

  • Nowadays such applications are massively popular among parents who want to control and protect their children.
  • Users of mobile devices hope to find their device if it was stolen.
  • Employers want to control their employees and corporate devices.

So as you see, keyloggers are various, and their role is even more diverse. Such software would be the perfect solution for any monitoring requests. It can be downloaded for free and used for any operating system such as Windows, iOS, Android, etc. Learn More about Keylogger Software for Android phones in our blog.

You may monitor devices of your children, partners, employees, and even your own. A good example is a situation when your computer is not near, you can control its usage remotely from any part of the planet, all you will need is an internet connection.

The problem is about the choice you should make. The number of keyloggers increases every day, but most of them are not on the proper quality level. The more software we get, the harder it gets to find the right one. So our list was created to help you out and give a little bit more information about reliable applications.

Choose from Top 5 Keylogger Software Apps

  1. Highster Mobile keylogger

    highster mobile keylogger
    One of the most typical and easy-in-use programs for tracking you may find on the market today. If you want to monitor any mobile phone, this software will fit your requests perfectly. Keylogger software records all the actions that are happening on the screen of your PC. You can receive all the important information about programs, chats, websites, and other devices connected to your computer. All the logs will be sent to your personal account that can be controlled and viewed from your smartphone. Also, any log file can be sent to your email. This software has a very simple and comfortable interface that would be understandable to any user, even the new one. Besides, this program is almost impossible to detect. Click here to download Highster Mobile.

  2. mSpy keylogger

    mspy keylogger
    mSpy can work with operating systems such as Android and iOS. Another great thing about it is its affordability. This software tracks all the keystrokes on your device and sends reports to your personal email or account. Screenshot taking option is also available for this program so you can be calm about evidence of some inappropriate actions. All the running programs will have their separate reports. The control for this keylogger is totally remote. Anti-detecting qualities of mSpy are also on the highest level as even the most powerful antivirus programs can’t detect this keylogger.

  3. Auto Forward Keylogger

    autoforward keylogger
    Another free application on our list is Auto Forward. This software is very simple and easy to use so even if you are an inexperienced user; this tool will be very helpful for you. This keylogger is very popular among parents. All the keystrokes that were logged display in the separate window. The monitoring is performing just with the previously launched application. Logs can be delivered to your email as text or HTML files.

  4. FlexiSpy Keylogger

    The software is very flexible and has a long list of features that would be helpful for a wide range of users. FlexiSpy is 100% spying software, and its keylogger feature is just a part of one big options package. FlexiSpy software offers a wide range of options such as logs of SMS, MMS, and calls, monitoring of the social networks and emails. Also, this software offers a unique option that allows you to block your smartphone if it was stolen. Also, there is an Extreme version of the program that opens the microphone recording option.

  5. Revealer Keylogger Free Edition

    revealer-keyloggerThere are few editions of that software. All of them offer different packages of features and options so you can easily find something for your personal use. But if you need just to record keystrokes on your computer, a free edition of Revealer Keylogger would be absolutely fine for you. It is simple as it gets and does not require any special skills to deal with the program. The settings in options are poor, but you probably do not need more. All the perfect settings are already set by default so just install the software and use it wisely. It will easily track any keystrokes and record all the messengers such as SMS, Facebook, Skype, etc.


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