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Why iKeyMonitor? The Main Reasons To Use It

parentalIs your child hiding something from you on his cell phone? Are your employees using confidential business or sales information in an appropriate way? Is your beloved honest with you? iKeyMonitor can answer all these questions fast and easy! Read the following iKeyMonitor review to know more.

About iKeyMonitor


IKeyMonitor is a monitoring application that was developed especially for parental control and employee monitoring.

It is compatible with Android devices (cell phones and tablets) and iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPods).

iKeyMonitor logs all activities that go through the target phone and gives you access to calls, SMS, chats on messengers, photos, videos, profiles on social media networks, GPS locations, browser history, keystrokes.

After gathering data, the keylogger delivers logs to you by email or FTP.


Undetectable Monitoring in Stealth Mode

ikeymonitorIKeyMonitor is a completely invisible and hidden keylogger, unlike many other keyloggers that can be detected by the owner of the target phone.

IKeyMonitor is hidden safely from the naked eye, and the user of the target device will never find the keylogger unless he knows exactly what to look for. The application hides from the Desktop, as well as from the Start Menu and the Control Panel-Programs. The app stays invisible even after the usage time is over.

Functions of iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor-screeniKeyMonitor was designed for parental control and tracking employees. That’s why the application provides all features that are necessary for complete monitoring. The app provides a wide range of features which make it possible to control online and phone activities of your children. The app enables its subscriber to track, record and monitor:

  • SMS and phone calls. This app tracks sent and receives SMS messages as well as incoming and outgoing calls on iOS and Android devices;
  • Keystrokes and all passwords. The keylogger track all of pasted text and keystrokes as well. You can also record passwords that are typed by the owner of the target device in hidden mode;
  • Chats and conversations on social messengers and profiles on social networks. Track messages and files that were sent or received through Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, etc. with the help of the app;
  • The content of Emails. View Emails content, time stamps and other slightest details with the help of keylogger;
  • Any voice messages. The keylogger records and delivers to the subscriber voice messages sent in WhatsApp, Wechat, KakaoTalk, Line, QQ, Messenger, Viber;
  • Visited websites and the whole browser history. The app logs URLs of websites that were visited on the target device with iOS Safari, Android Chrome or Android Stock browsers, etc.;
  • GPS location of the owner of the target phone. IKeyMonitor is a keylogger which will track the GPS location and display it on the virtual map;
  • Details of an address book. The keylogger logs names and other details of the address book on the target phone;
  • Notes, Memos, and Reminders. The keylogger will log the events, contents in Notes, Memos, and Reminders without any difficulties;
  • Events on the calendar. Date and time of all events added to the calendar will be available with this keylogger.

Remote Configuration and Upgrade of the License

ikeymonitor-featuresIKeyMonitor provides an opportunity to change the grade or type of license remotely. For example, you can change the Free Trial version of the keylogger to Standard or Online without touching the device at all.

You can also switch the app on or off remotely using your personal control panel by using iKeyMonitor Online.

In addition, you can gain complete access to all data from any smartphone or computer which has an Internet connection. This means that you are able to control the keylogger without physical access to the phone or tablet that is monitored.

Pricing Policy of iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor-pricingIKeyMonitor provides two main packages which differ in price and features. They are:

iKeyMonitor STD

The price for Standart package starts from $16 for one month if you buy a one-year subscription and reach $49 is you need this keylogger for one month. As you can see, you can save your money buying long-term keylogger subscription. Moreover, you can also get a 50% discount for the monitoring of the second device. Notice, Jailbreak for iOS device is required and rooting of Android is required for the performance of some features.

iKeyMonitor STD provides:

  • Remote upgrade and renew the license;
  • Ability to turn on and turn off monitoring remotely;
  • Keystrokes in any App;
  • Capturing of the screenshots according to the interval;
  • Blocking Apps or determined games in bedtime or homework time by the keylogger;
  • Information on GPS Locations of the target phone;

Logs are sent by FTP (available for iOS Only) or Email.

iKeyMonitor Online

The price for iKeyMonitor Online varies from $29 to $59 and depends on the subscription period. iKeyMonitor Online package includes all the features that are available with iKeyMonitor STD and provides some more:

  • Remote Configuration;
  • Ability to view logs using personal online account remotely;
  • Recording of voice messages sent via WhatsApp, Wechat, Messenger, Viber, etc. Available for iOS only.
  • Capturing of screenshots on touch actions.

Setting of Screen Time Limits with iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor-1This feature of iKeyMonitor can help you protect your child by setting a certain time when the keylogger will block determined apps on the target device of your child. Therefore, this option can limit screen time when you consider it necessary. For example, limit it during homework time or bedtime.

Feature of App Blocker

This feature of keylogger allows you to block inappropriate content. The keylogger can block apps and games on all devices that are compatible with the app: iPhones, iPads, Android cell phones, and tablets.

iKeyMonitor is a well-known and reliable keylogger which tracks all activities that go through the target device (phone or tablet) and deliver gathered data directly to you with the help of Emails, FTP or online account. However, the way of delivering information depends on the type of license.


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