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Best Android Hacking Apps [Free APKs and Spy Apps]

android phoneIf we are truthful, then the only way to hack Android phones is by using specialized software that is specifically designed for this purpose. In the article, we present best-proven Android hacking apps like Highster Mobile, mSpy, and Auto Forward which have demonstrated track record of implementing android hacks successfully. Then, we head to sharing a general overview of free Android hacking apps.

Best Android hacking apps

Highster Mobile

highster mobile dashboard

Highster Mobile is the ultimate way to keep your family safe and keep tabs on your employees. This proven app works with all Android devices and versions, even the latest Android versions. Highster Mobile helps you to monitor all activity on the target phone, such as voice calls and SMS, social media, and even lets you track the target device via GPS.

Using this app is as simple as downloading and activating it on the target device. Then you get access to all data from the device in your secure account. To read more about the app, simply click here.

Download Highster Mobile


mspy dashboard

mSpy is another app that can allow you to get complete control of the target device without any of the risks that are associated with illicit apps.

Just like with Highster, mSpy too allows you to take complete control of the target device and monitor all aspects of it: WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and other messaging apps. Track calls, SMS, GPS location. With 24/7 multi-language support, it makes your ethical hacking experience more convenient. Click here to read more about the app.

Download mSpy

Auto Forward

auto forward hacking app

Yet another alternative for Android hacking, Auto Forward lets you hack into Android phones safely and securely that does not pose any risk to you or your device.

With the app, you can extract data from a cell phone such as text messages, call logs, GPS, hack social media accounts like Facebook and more and display it onto your device. The data appears in your control panel exactly as it appears on the target device even after it’s been deleted! To read more about the app, click here.

Download Auto Forward

7 Free Android hacking apps (resolved)

The internet abounds with Android hacking tools…however, in the process of implementing Android hacks, some of these apps can put your device at risk of being hacked.

Below we share a list of 7 free Android hacking apps that were tested by our experts. We tried to explore the advantages and disadvantages of each app and explain the process of these working tools. We have come to the agreement that there are no free 100% working tools that can meet your needs despite paid ones. That’s why we don’t recommend using any of these free apps below, continue reading the further details.



zAnti app is one of the android hacking apps that you should avoid. Rebranded now to Shellshock Scanner, the app purportedly scans your phone for Shellshock vulnerabilities.

However, the app does not perform as expected; most of the time, it fails to download correctly, and even when it does download, it fails to show it’s intended function. What’s more, the users all declare unanimously that this app is essentially a hollow product that makes promises it can’t deliver on.



Faceniff is another Android hacking tool that is best left unused. One of its first drawbacks remains the fact that it requires root access to your phone. This inherently weakens the protection of your phone.

One of the many wifi hacking apps for android, FaceNiff, uses the same network as the target phone that is being hacked. That may backfire as the phone performing the hack may also be exposed to other hacking exploits.

Another drawback that this app has is the fact that it mostly works only with stock browsers and not advanced variants such as Google Chrome. Considering the above factors, it’s best to steer clear of this app.



Droidsheep falls under the category of those apps that require a considerable amount of technical skills to operate. Similar to FaceNiff, Droidsheep also requires rooting and the use of BusyBox, which eventually weakens the operating device.

Further, like FaceNiff, Droidsheep also operates on the same network as the target device; this puts the users’ phones at risk as well. When seen critically, this app is more for analysts who are experienced in these matters. Therefore, lay users are best advised not to use this app.


wifikill apk

When working with WifiKill, you need to be aware of one major drawback. The app intercepts the traffic and data of any other device that is connected to the same network as the one on which it is operating.

According to the present digital laws around the world, this might be illegal in certain countries and regions. So, if you are trying to use this app, make sure you know the laws of your land in detail; otherwise, even using a simple app could land you in some serious legal trouble.


nmap installation

NMAP falls under the category of dangerous android hacking apps for one simple reason: it can be harmful to your mental health. A highly technical app, this requires the users to have top-notch tech skills and understand processes such as compilation very clearly to accurately operate the app. So, unless you’re from a technical background, or want to break your mind, best to steer away from this one.

Cobalt Strike

cobalt strike

Cobalt Strike has attained notoriety due to its involvement in a slew of cyber-attacks all over the world. This app is a personal favorite of dangerous hacker groups, and so it’s in your best interests that you stay away from using this app.

Cobalt Strike gained infamy as the Carbanak Gang used it (also known as Cobalt Group, to infiltrate the security system of over 100 banks worldwide. Utilizing the technique of spear-phishing, this app infects the banking systems with malware that is packaged along with the app.

Due to its not-so-legal associations and usages, Cobalt Strike is considered illegal in many locations and may invite severe legal charges if used. So, if you value your life and your reason, stay away from this application.



The last app on our list is cSploit. Now, this is not exactly a dangerous app to implement android hacks in itself. But because the app has not been updated in over one year, you can understand that this app doesn’t have the kind of support that is necessary for android applications today.

Further, the app requires root access, which inherently weakens the security of your device. Also, there is the fact that this app interferes with wifi sessions and can be used to spoof DNS. It can even be used to redirect traffic and hijack cookies. In unscrupulous hands, this app can be very dangerous and also invite prosecution from the law.


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