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TOP 10 GPS Phone Tracker Apps

demo of how gps phone tracking app works

There are many applications to track someone’s location through GPS. The thing is, each GPS phone tracker is used in a different way for various mobile operating systems. The way you can use GPS cell phone tracker varies from the way integrated iPhone track feature works. They all offer diverse tracking features. Some tracks will send you email notifications, others will allow you to lock your phone from a remote device, others will allow you to check phone’s call history, and the list goes on and in. Hence, we advise you to check out some of the best GPS tracker app services below and decide which one is right for you.

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How to Track a Cell Phone with GPS Phone Tracker

If you wish to know how to track a cell phone with GPS, you might be a caring parent, jealous spouse, curious boss, or an aged person who cannot stay without assistance for a while. There are no guarantees someone will steal your brand new phone. Another scenario is when a person forgets a mobile phone unintentionally. With a GPS cell phone tracker, you have a chance to find the stolen/lost phone or at least block the access to prevent personal information from being read.

Even though most developers insert GPS tracking feature in their phones, it is better to install a third-party location tracker too.

How to Track an Android Phone with GPS Quickly?

GPS TrackerWhile some users wonder how to track an Android phone with GPS, others prefer using iOS devices like iPhones. The tracking solutions below work for both groups of mobile owners.

  • Download & install one of the available paid or free GPS phone tracker apps on the target phone. Review the possible options before deciding on the application.
  • Android user must launch the Google Play Store page, tap the search bar, and type the following command phonetracker with Tap the Phone Tracker feature with FriendMapper. Select Install button à Accept to confirm your decision. No advanced skills are required to start using a location tracker on the favorite Android-based phone to be able to find it at any time!
  • iPhone user will have to take the similar steps with several differences. Open the iPhone’s App Store to tap the Search option, select the search bar, and type GPS Then, move down and pick GET next to the “GPS TRACKER” feature; do not forget to enter personal Apple ID password/Touch ID.

How to Track a Stolen Cell Phone with GPS?

Have you lost your phone? If you know how to track a stolen cell phone with GPS, it will not be a problem to get back the phone or lock its screen remotely. After the steps above, few things remain to do. Select View Logs on the target mobile phone to type in the username along with the password. Log in and look through the available logs. Do it on the official app’s website to monitor further usage of your phone and follow whereabouts.

Try choosing the phone you can access minimum once to install the selected program there.

1. mSpy GPS Tracking Software

mspy gps phone tracker wallpaper

mSpy is a software that you can use without having to Jailbreak the phone. All you need is the information for the iCloud system or an ID and password to the phone you are working to track. Install mSpy in just a few clicks. It is very easy to use. Features that you can take advantage of with this program include:

  • Blocking websites and apps
  • Recording keystrokes on the phone
  • Blocking incoming calls
  • Setting up alerts if the phone travels outside location parameters
  • Logging calls
  • Tracking text messages and view contacts
  • Track phone with GPS locator
  • View messages on social media sites
  • Look at photos and videos

The packages for mSpy vary and can range anywhere from $16/month to $69/month depending on length of the subscription. If you are looking for something more than just a GPS track feature, plan to pay a bit more to have it installed.

2. Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is very similar to the iPhone application for GPS tracking services. The difference is it runs off the Google platform instead of the iCloud. Each of the following actions processed in GPX format can be completed through remote phone:

  • Lock the phone
  • Erase specific data or information stored on the phone
  • Display an emergency message on the phone
  • Call it if you think you will be able to hear the phone

If you cannot GPS track your phone with Android device manager, you log into your account from another phone, technology allows you to put in number that will show up on the lock screen. What if someone else picks up your phone? They will see this contact information and hopefully they will call you and let you know they have found your phone.

3. Highster Mobile for Android Phone Tracking

Some GPS tracker software can be downloaded for a fee. If you don’t mind paying for the service, you are going to get a whole lot more features. Highster Mobile is the most popular among Android users. Along with being able to track the device, all the activity will also be monitored from remote location over the web. Actions process are then logged and sent to the user on an online control panel. Some of the features that you can use with this GPS tracker service include:

  • Logging calls
  • Checking text messages
  • Location tracking
  • Check website history
  • Lock device
  • Take photos with the camera
  • Look at all photos and videos
  • Track social media accounts

The cost of this GPS track software is $69 one time. It includes updates, support, and an online database for you to track your own issues on your phone.

4. FlexiSPY GPS Tracker App for iPhones

flexispy gps tracker dashboard

The spy software that lands at the top of the list for iPhones is called FlexiSpy. This GPS tracker is compatible with Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia Symbian. There is any feature for just about everything found on this GPS track a phone number. You get to choose version, either Premium or Extreme: the Extreme offers a few more options than the Premium and it costs a bit more. Some actions that you can perform are:

  • Listening to conversations as they are happening
  • Recording calls through the web and FlexiSpy’s control panel
  • Check in on the surroundings
  • Track passwords
  • Take pictures with camera
  • Track GPS location on a map in real time
  • Control the phone including checking the battery, restarting it, and sending SMS commands

The cost of the service varies from $68 to $199 depending on the platform and service provided.

5. Find My iPhone GPS Tracker

find my iphone app login

The Find My iPhone app is perhaps the most popular one for all iPhone users. Why? The reason for this is if you have a smartphone, tablet, watch, or Mac from Apple that is an iOS 5 version or later, it’s already installed on the phone. The review lists a few features that are available.

  • Track phone on a map
  • Acquiring real-time location movements
  • Playing a noise on the phone so you can hear it if it is close
  • Turning it on lost mode: phone is locked until you track it
  • Erasing email and other sensitive information remotely over the net


6. Followmee GPS Tracker

Followmee GPS tracker tracks the exact location of an Android mobile phone. The primary function of this GPS phone tracker is to silently run in the background, recording the locations (GPS, WiFi, Cellular triangulation) from time to time. It is enough to launch the official app’s website in the browser of user’s choice. The software allows tracking kids’ movements on a daily basis and tracks the whereabouts of the target person. There is no need to have cellular service enabled. Do not worry about a real-time tracker to track in the car.

Companies like this software as Followmee allows to track every step of the employee making sure the person does its best to meet the high demands of the corporation. It is possible to track such physical activities as running, walking, or biking. It’s fun to share the tracked locations with friends and beloved ones to invite them to the best locations depending on your tastes.

Enjoy the full spectrum of GPS cell phone tracker features!

  • Free location track (view a 3-day history on the website)
  • Tracking multiple devices (in case you wish to track & manage several phones at a time)
  • Real-time update (upgrades every ten minutes)
  • Stealth mode (a victim will not notice it)
  • Geo-fencing
  • Opt-in sharing (publish tracks)
  • Vehicle tracking gadget (DeLuxe edition only)

This company allows you to select separately the features you need, and the cost varies $3-29 per service.

7. Family Locator GPS Tracker

gps-trackerSome caring parents would like to keep up-to-date regarding a real-time location of their children. It is important! Family Locator Track is the effective way to see whether their kids attend school and other critical after-class activities according to schedule. Keep the entire families safe & connected. It may prevent various adverse situations associated with some strangers. Each time a child does not return home for a while, a parent has to push a special SOS button to start the searching procedure. You can detect the secure and unsafe zones for your children.

This GPS tracker by phone number contains the following features:

  • Real-time location tracking of the close ones
  • Creating safe/unsafe areas based on the parent’s best guesses
  • Check-ins and SOS notifications
  • Full location history

The service is free to download, with in-app purchases $1.99 – $95.00 per item.

8. Find My iPhone GPS Tracker

gps trackerApple production is less popular among children as it is expensive, but some parents reward their children with valuable devices like iPhones. Find My iPhone GPS tracker is an exclusive option. The developers created this track for families that prefer iOS gadgets over Android machines. Find My iPhone can help to define the location of any iOS device. Install it to track iPod, Mac, AppleWatch, or AirPods. Except for the detecting feature itself, a free GPS phone tracker from Apple developers offers to make some noise once the phone is discovered – it becomes easier to find the phone in any location if the user is close to it.

What are some of the included features?

  • Location tracking: software will point to the exact phone’s location on a map
  • Playing sounds: The option, which helps to pinpoint the lost phone’s location thanks to the corresponding sounds
  • Lost mode: A user can block the lost or stolen phone remotely before beginning the scanning procedure
  • Remote deletion: Remove personal information not to let anyone see the private details like payment info
  • Activation lock: The rubber will not be able to sell or give away the stolen mobile phone

Find My iPhone is a perfect solution in case an Apple user has accidentally lost the personal mobile device or was rubbed by someone.

9. T Mobile GPS Tracker

gps trackerUnlike the previous option, T Mobile GPS tracker runs on Android phones exclusively. What is the main tracker’s advantage? A free GPS phone tracker accurately locates the phones on the user’s enabled account without spending much time. It allows checking in with you via text messages as well as finding close people on a map in real-time. Each time a person attends new place, an app sends a notification. It may schedule auto-location checks. There is no need to get another software to track.

  • Track up to 10 lines on a single account
  • New location notifications
  • Active SOS button
  • Real-time mobile tracking

10. Vectu Application

gps trackerWe have recalled the opportunity to track a car using a GPS cell phone tracker. The developers have introduced several paid apps. Vectu at $90 is one of them. Instead of starting to panic when the car is absent at the place you left it, turn on the application to detect the location of the disappeared vehicles. This solution is active anywhere a 2G GSM signal is available. The location details are available every minute. The 90-day tracking plan makes sit possible to find whether a child or another family member is taking your car without permission. Securely manage favorite automobile from any location in the world!

The features include:

  • Car location tracking
  • Regular tracking reports depending on personal preferences
  • Speed alerts
  • Geo-fencing
  • Instant notification for unauthorized transfer

How to Choose The Best Cell Phone Tracking App

GPS TrackerAlong with deciding what kind of GPS phone tracker app is going to work with your phone, you have to see what kind of things you want to be able to accomplish, and how much you want to spend. Have no desire to pay for your phone tracker services? A plenty of free options is available. If you are expecting a lot more from the new download, and you want to keep a close eye on kids, expect to pay a bit to at least.

Who Might Benefit from Using Location Tracking Software?

Company’s bosses, corporate managers, jealous boyfriends/girlfriends, spouses, envious friends, and many other categories of citizens will benefit from installing & using a GPS tracker by phone number. Several categories of people will benefit more than others.

GPS Tracker for Elderly

GPS Tracker for Elderly“How do I track my boyfriends phone through GPS?” You can often hear some technology-related questions from the older adults living in a family as a GPS tracker for elderly is a necessity rather than fun. Apps like Yepzon prevent aged people from getting lost, staying alone, being rubbed, etc. The software works off AT&T and T-Mobile 2G networks. The best thing about using it is a fact the developers did not specify the distance restrictions. Obtain a refreshed signal every ten seconds to make sure the elderly people are safe. The battery can survive a plenty of time.

GPS Tracker for Kids

GPS Tracker for KidsOne more group of people who demand more attention & care than others is children. A modern caring parent must have two things to track. A bare minimum is one free GPS cell phone tracking online and parental control app to guarantee the kid’s safety. It is important to track every step of a child as it may lie regarding daily activities. Check whether your children are skipping school. Do they catch up with other necessary life activities in favor of some suspicious things?

A good GPS tracker for kids is Trax Play Kids’. It is available in 33 countries of the world meaning a user can reach the child in each of these regions with the help of this app. It sends on-demand notifications in addition to the daily location reports. The widget withstands various temperatures so that you can travel with it anywhere, and it is popular for being world’s smallest and lightest GPS real-time tracker!


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