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mSpy Review – Cell Phone Spying App

mspy_appThe mSpy program is loaded with features that make monitoring the activity conducted on a cell phone a breeze. Features of the app are remarkable. Even better, some of the features are brand new to the program.

How does mSpy app work?

The manufacturer of mSpy makes continual improvements to the software application for mobile devices. The app installs in minutes after you pay for a plan that allows you to monitor information from a control panel you can access online.

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Review of mSpy Features

  1. mSpy Monitors Internet Activity

    Whenever a kid uses the phone, the program runs in the background. It monitors/tracks/records Wi-Fi Networks, bookmarks, and browsing history. This tool is perfect for parent that might have otherwise seen a child acting differently and closing down browser windows quickly as if they are keeping secrets. The mSpy program breaks down the secretive walls a child establishes when looking to keep something hidden. Parents can use mSpy, a legal program, to make sure an underage child is not keeping dangerous secrets or hanging out or in contact with inappropriate individuals.

    You can track chat sessions, social media information on Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Skype, Google Hangouts, Telegram, Line, Snapchat, Social Network, Viber, iMessage, and WhatsApp. Information is then uploaded to an online control panel for viewing. You also get access to a child’s photos, videos, contact book, and activity calendar.

  1. Screenshots:

    You can see periodic screenshots of the device and the installed applications on it.

  1. Browser compatibility:

    You will receive information about mail sent and received by the user of the target device with the mSpy program installed. Even better, the app is compatible with the most popular browsers, including Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Applications Installed:

    The parent can view all applications download onto the device at any time.

  1. Phone calls, SMS, text, and email logs:

    Monitor all communications via the mSpy app. This ensures parents are never in the dark in terms of what a child is up to, whom he or she is communicating with, and who is in direct contact with the kid in question.

Having instant access to this knowledge potentially saves lives, especially if a child is being pursued by an Internet child predator begins communicating with a child through seemingly innocent means.

What is mSpy phone app compatibility?

mspy app

The mSpy app works smoothly on the compatible device. The mSpy app actually works with both Android and iPhone devices. If you have a cell phone with an Android operating system, as long as the operating system is Android4+, you can install and use the mSpy phone app.

Alternatively, if you are working with an Apple device, the app is compatible with all iOS versions without a jailbreak, and iOS 7 – 8.4; 9.0-9.1 with a jailbreak, then the mSpy app will work on the device. Following the installation of the phone app, the software will allow you to track your child or employee remotely. A visit to the mSpy official website reveals the specific devices the phone app will work with.

Is mSpy legal?

    • mSpy is a legal phone app to use if you are monitoring underage children and you are a parent using it for child safety.
    • It is a legal phone app. If a company is monitoring an employee at work provided the employee is made aware he or she is being monitored.

mSpy Pros

  • Pricing plans are flexible and affordable when you invest in a mSpy phone app subscription.
  • It takes a mere ten minutes to install the application and to make it ready to track information.
  • Features and collected data are available via a remote dashboard.
  • User-friendly navigation and a demo in the form of a video showing how everything works.
  • The company offers 24-hour support via email and live chat as well as telephone solutions.

mSpy Cons

  • Some feature access lost on iPhones with non-jailbreaking features
  • Warranty voided on iPhones that are jailbroken

No-Risk Buying

mSpyYou can view a video demo online to learn exactly how the application works. Once you sign up for a plan for monitoring and install the phone app to a device. Remember that you have 10 days from the time of purchase to request a refund. You will have to meet refund guidelines to get a full refund. But if you are making the claim for refunding on the first time buy and try of the mSpy phone app, then you can get the refund easily.

If you have more than one subscribed plan, the refund offer is void. You are eligible to claim a refund only once. If the target cell phone being monitored is lost or tampered with, this voids the refund offer. Customer support is available every day of the year through various means. So you can easily get assistance when you need to in order to make a refund claim.

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Conclusion: mSpy Phone App is A Worthwhile Investment

The mSpy phone app has enough benefits in the way of functionality and features. That makes it a worthy investment for business owners who want to conduct a bit of employee tracking. It is equally beneficial for the parents who feel like eyes everywhere is just not enough protection for a child.

With easy monitoring tools, a user-friendly control panel, and new features being added on a regular basis, the mSpy phone app is always undergoing an evolutionary process. With recent Wi-Fi detection and Uninstall alert function most recently installed. A brand new keylogger tool polishes everything off by allowing every key the child taps into the device to appear on a log in your control panel.


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