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What is the Best Call Tracking Software for Your Business?

Call Tracking SoftwareSpecific software that helps to collect data about incoming phone calls is getting quite popular in last years. There are two reasons for that: growing use of cell phones and pay-per-call technology. Due to smartphones and specific call tracking software, people collect information about incoming phone calls, which is very useful for business planning and organization. Therefore, the widest use of such software is in businesses sector, where it makes pay-per-call possible. During marketing campaigns, almost every company uses different digital solutions to evaluate and control conversions. Google Analytics is perfect to support and display online advertising results. However, it is quite helpless in cases when your business needs to track the number of effective calls from the campaign. In this case, various agencies provide special apps.

How to Select the Right Call Tracking Software?

Call Tracking SoftwareBefore you decide to buy call tracking software, you need to decide whether you need it. If the most of your customers come through the online channels, analytics will be enough. However, if your primary customers sit on the other side of the telephone line, you will probably need a particular analysis app.

These programs can have up to eight functions:

  • Recording of the phone call.
  • Phone Call Routing.
  • Identification of the caller.
  • Campaign Management.
  • Conversion Tracking.
  • CVR
  • IVR / Voice Recognition.
  • Keyword Tracking.

The key features are the ability to track the conversion and identify the caller. Campaign management option and voice recognition open key functions wider, while first two options are standard to almost every app. IVR is a valuable tool for many startups. For example, it works great with online sales service and different kinds of phone call centers. The most complex ability of these phone tracking apps is CRM. It is a satisfactory solution to build and improve a long and productive relationship with clients. The most known ten in the industry of products to track phone calls are:

  • Ringostat
  • WhatConverts
  • WordStream Advisor
  • NinjaCat
  • CALLN by Telstra
  • Hot Prospector by M&M Helton Enterprises
  • VoiceOps
  • Vontio
  • C Tracking software by CallTrackingMetrics
  • C Tracking by AddSource

However, based on the price, functions, and reputation, we may recommend using three of them Ringostat, WhatConverts, and WordStream Advisor.

Ringostat. Good Price for Many Functions

Call Tracking SoftwareRingostat is perfect for different marketers: a middle or small local company (for a big company WordStream Advisor is a better option) and lead in price policy. First of all, it is friendly to users because all services are clear and easy to operate. The product shows great integration into the GA and Kissmetrics. Using reports on keyword, you can understand the effectiveness of the current campaign and achieve higher marketing results in the next campaign.

Moreover, it provides numbers of metrics to choose for the report. Use the multi-channel report to get rights to set such analytics as a time of the phone call and duration, the agent who responded, address, search channels, etc. You can see that this app gives many options. You may use this call tracking app because it will give you all the information needed to plan the campaign and set up targeting location and other metrics accordingly.

The PBX Cloud is included in the price of Ringostat so that you can connect all your phone numbers for tracking with the help of it. Ringostat will cost $50 per month; you can use a free trial version first. However, you should know that this app doesn’t provide CRM and campaign management functions. If you are looking for these features, you need to use WhatConverts.

WhatConverts. Get Qualitative CRM and Campaign Management

Call Tracking SoftwareAs the providers of the WhatConverts say, their primary goal is to provide the complete marketing picture. Considering all options, today it is a powerful app for CRM and campaign management. It has two pricing plans: $30 per month for a start and $100 per month for the agency plan (twice more expensive than Ringostat). Unfortunately, WhatConverts doesn’t have a mobile app, IVR, and phone call routing.

It is very friendly to users and has a white label program. You can put your own branding on it, so your clients won’t see the WhatConverts label. Price is very competitive, compared with programs with similar options. The phone tracking app deploys on web, cloud or SaaS. However, if you don’t need CRM, it is better to use Ringostat (same options to your site with the lower price).

Stable Call Tracking App for Bigger Companies

WordStream Advisor is very popular among users despite the higher price, $264 per month. This application is useful for large vendors and provides such SEO insights as conversion and keyword capture. You can optimize the system performance automatically.

We should mention that WordStream Advisor is not very easy in use. We suggest you hire an assistant who will help you to adjust custom options. Or you can contact online help, but this will be much slower. With this program, you don’t have an option to use Google Ads labels. That means that you will need to use Google every time you need to place the label.

Moreover, there is no tool to determine goals. It is a serious disadvantage for many people. Anyway, this is a stable program that works with dynamic resources, reporting on many metrics of visitor activity and driving offline and on the website.

Our Findings

Call tracking software can implement many tasks of your business and create new options. Commercial phone call tracking apps prove their effectiveness with better conversions and apply variable metrics to learn more about the company. As we’ve mentioned before, you have to understand whether you need phone tracking application for your business. If online is the main source of monetization, you don’t need such call tracking apps.

However, if the majority of inbound customers come through the phone calls, then call tracking software is on the agenda. Buy call tracking program to receive your unique platform for campaign management and generate new options to your sources. Depending on the insertion you need, pick the most reliable and multi-functional app.

Share your opinion about such software in the comments below or find more useful data about various apps on our blog page.


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