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Track Phone Quick and Easy: Three Simple Ways to Find a Mobile Device

Today mobile phones store too much sensitive information so their loss can be a disaster. Luckily for us, the developers took care of our peace of mind and have created several helpful services and apps that track phone efficiently. Users may choose one of these options: take advantage of the built-in options provided by the producer, use Google to locate the lost or stolen gadget, or to download and install a locating app in ample time. It’s up to you how to track a phone, still, remember, better be safe than sorry.

Track Phone with Help of Find My… Services

Pretty much every smartphone has a built-in service called “Find My Device (Android, iPhone, Samsung). This option has advanced functionality that allows you to locate, lock or erase the lost phone. More than that, if you are confident that your gadget is somewhere near, you can make it ring, even if it is in the silent mode. The only thing you need for a remote search is a computer connected to the Internet and a Google account linked to your device. However, there is one take-off: you have to enable this service in advance before something has happened to your phone.

How to Enable Find My Device on Android Phone?

First, look through the Settings app of the phone, as some older versions of Android do not have the Find My Device service. If this is your situation, please, download it from Google Play Store.

  1. Find Security&lock screen in the Settings app
  2. Tap Device administrators and search for Find My Device
  3. Tick the box to switch it on
  4. Return to the Settings menu
  5. In the Location Mode click High accuracy
  6. Return to the Settings menu
  7. Turn on Location History feature

After that, the service will help you to locate the current whereabouts of the device in no time.

To start using Find My iPhone follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your Apple ID in the Settings app
  2. Tap iCloud
  3. Find and switch on Find My iPhone service

Once you’ve done it, you can track phone by logging to your iCloud account.  Of course, it will work with the other iOS devices.

How to Track a Phone with Help of Google?

Google can come to the rescue if your lost phone has no specialized location tracking apps already installed. This method works well if there is a Google account connected to your device. Go to the website android.com/find through any web browser and log in to the account linked to the phone.

Important: If this method does not work, it means that your phone is not online. Repeat your attempts and as soon as the gadget will connect to any network it will appear on the map.

Reap the Benefits of Google Home

If you are a tech-savvy user of all the features that nowadays technology brings to us and have a Google Home speaker then searching for a phone lost somewhere in the house will be easy. Say Ok, Google, find my phone! and it will ring. Once again, Find My Device service should be switched on to make it work.  

Top 5 Apps to Track Phone Remotely

Lost Android

This great software product has additional features that built-in service hasn’t.

  • Erase sensitive data from the stolen phone
  • Send SMS on the device
  • Save the call history and messages
  • Save all photos
  • Forward missing calls to the appointed phone number

Check the compatibility of the application before installing to be sure that it will work on your device.

Family Locator

This useful GPS tracker allows any member of the family to monitor the locations of all the mobile devices at any given moment. You can add other people to your own group called Circle (with their permission), chat with them and appoint meetings.

AntiTheft App & IMEI Tracker All Phone Location

This app offers one particular benefit: it uses IMEI number to search for the gadget so it works even if the device is not connected to the Internet. Choose one of these methods to find IMEI:

  • Dial *#06# OR
  • Find “About Phone” in the Settings OR
  • Check the number underneath the removable battery

Write down this number somewhere and if your phone is stolen, sign in to this app on the computer or another phone, enter IMEI and hit the button Track. The app will show you the nearest cell tower to your phone on the map within seconds. With its help, you can also receive the messages with the location of the phone and block all its features. Thieves can try to change IMEI, however, it is a very complicated process.


This app shows how to track a phone properly. Apart from common features, it can:

  • Make a screenshot of the possible thief and email it to you
  • Display the last location before the battery dies
  • Back up the contact list before erasing

Parental Control Apps

There are a plethora of applications that can answer a question on how to track someone’s phone. These monitoring apps allow parents (employers) to check the location and activities of children (employees) and should be used with the permission of the phone’s owner to avoid legal issues. The list of features of such apps usually includes the following:

  • Tracking the location
  • Keep track of the moving
  • Monitoring social media like Facebook
  • Access to the video and photos
  • Restrict making purchases online
  • Block adult content etc.

Parents love such apps because they help to solve the security issues that may be caused by kids’ misbehavior online. In addition, parents worry about cyber bullying so the possibility to view the activity of the child on the Internet in details helps a lot.

If you want to know what app to choose, check the customer reviews: personal experience can help you find a really good app.

Stay tuned to our news and get more useful tips from our experts how to make your digital life more protected.


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