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Review of TheTruthSpy Cell Phone Spy Application

Important notice: The performance of the reviewed software may disappoint you just like many other mobile users. So, it would be a greater idea to view the list of the top-preferred spying tools created by the most experienced app developers on the market, the best example is mSpy monitoring tool!

TheTruthSpy spyware solution can be used for business and personal issues. Using TheTruthSpy you will be able to control your kids’ phones remotely and in the stealth mode. You can make sure that your employees are not wasting company’s resources and control their work time.  It is one of the ways to hack someone’s iPhone or iPad as well as Android devices. Read this TheTruthSpy review and start monitoring any mobile activity.

What Are the Purposes of Using TheTruthSpy

employees monitoringMonitoring Employees

TheTruthSpy is a great tool to make sure that your business is secure. What does it mean? Every company operates in risky and unpredictable conditions on the market. There are many cases of unfair competition and companies have to do something with that. Sometimes competitors may get confidential business or finance information of your company and use it against you. And in some cases, employees may disclose confidential information. It is a great opportunity to have an ability to control phones, tablets and other devices of your employees. You will be able to control incoming and outgoing calls, photos, chats, SMS messages, emails, passwords of your employees.

cheating-spouse-surveillanceSpying on significant others

Sometimes we may be a little jealous and we want to find out are our loved ones honest with us. They may have secrets that can be harmful to our families. In these cases, it is possible to safe our relationships. We may find out all secrets which are hidden in the phones of our significant others. You can do it with the help of TheTruthSpy phone surveillance application.

child_mobile_phone_toyParental control

TheTruthSpy is used for parental control. In fact, children can give us many reasons to worry about every single day. Parents worry about what takes them long to get home. Who they are chatting with on their phones so often? Parents do not want to violate their personal boundaries. They want only to protect them from many online dangers which they can face on the Internet. Kids and young adults don’t have enough experience to avoid dangerous situations and protect themselves. That is the reasons why parents want to spy on online activities of their children.


Main Features of TheTruthSpy

thetruthspyIn fact, TheTruthSpy is one of the greatest application on the market of spyware. It can be proved by the list of features which this app can provide. This phone monitoring software enables its subscribers to get complete access to the target phone or tablet and to minitor it remotely. The monitoring becomes easy and fast thanks to the set of monitoring features. TheTruthSpy makes it possible to control:

  • Phone Calls: TheTruthSpy will give you an opportunity to track all incoming and outgoing phone calls of the user of the target phone. The app will gather all information – contact names, duration of the calls, date and time logs. After gathering the data the application will send it to you or upload to your personal account;
  • Messages: you will have an ability to spy all sent and received SMS messages. Even deleted messages will be in full view using TheTruthSpy. There will be no secrets;
  • Photos, Videos, Other Media Files: This monitoring software gives you an opportunity to get access to all media files. View remotely photos, videos, screenshots, other media files;
  • Social media activities: it is possible to control all activities on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. You can spy on conversations, photos, posts, comments of the user of the target phone;
  • Messengers: you can spy all text messages and chats on social messengers like Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.;
  • GPS location: track the current GPS location. With the help of this app, you can get timely and relevant information on the GPS location of the user of the target phone. The app will upload this information to your personal control panel. GPS information will be displayed on the map by your request.

Additional Features of TheTruthSpy

thetruthspy-iphone-install-process-img-2There are special functions which can be provided by TheTruthSpy. These features make the monitoring more comfortable and comprehensive.

  • Address Book – you can track all details of the address book of the target phone. Track names, numbers, emails, dates of birthday that the user of target device stores in the memory of the phone;
  • Browser History – you can monitor web browser history. You can track the history of all visited websites. There is also very useful option of blocking some websites which you consider inappropriate;
  • Calendar, Events – monitor all events on the calendar on the target phone. You will be able to track all scheduled events and meetings;
  • Notes, Reminders – track these activities by using copies of all events, reminders, and notes of the user of the target phone.
  • Passwords –you can track all passwords. TheTruthSpy can capture all passwords from the target phone.

So, all gathered data will be uploaded to your personal control panel. You will be able to view and monitor it online. TheTruthSpy also gives you an ability to manage this data from any device which has the Internet connection whenever you want to do this.


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