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How to Hack an iPhone Using Spyware?


Modern technologies today transform mobile phones, including an iPhone, from an ordinary communication instrument into an effective tool to home hacking. One does not have to be a spying pro to be able to keep tabs on his children, wife, or even colleagues and have access to all the private information.

Everything is easy. It’s enough to set up mobile spy running on a phone of a person you want to keep under observation. There are several ways and applications to hack apple devices with just one button.

Feel excited? Want to know more about the main features and capabilities of spying apps to hack a screen, passcode, calls, SMS, etc.? Then, keep reading. In this post, we will unlock all the secrets on how to hack an iPhone as well as other IOS devices.

Benefits of Using iPhone Hacking Spyware

The main advantage of all spyware programs is that they are easy to install and work in a stealth mode, without people knowing that you are monitoring their privacy. With such an app, you can track any iPhone using your computer via e-mail/ personal account, where all the hacked information is sent automatically. On top of that, the applications work in hidden mode. They are impossible to see on the mobile.

Having spyware running on an iPhone, one can receive the following information:

  • The actual location of an iPhone and its movements on the map;
  • SMS (both incoming/ outgoing);
  • Calls (incoming/ outgoing);
  • Online communication in Viber, WhatsApp; Facebook, Telegram, SnapChat, etc.;
  • Tap the text typed on a mobile;
  • Received/ sent photo/ video files.

iPhone Hacking Spyware

iPhone Spyphone

There are many applications that can turn an iPhone into a powerful tool to perform espionage; you can select the one that fits your needs. One of such programs is iPhone Spyphone. The application allows you to track/ record iPhone calls in real-time, read SMS and MMS-messages, remotely control the iPhone’s to make videos/ pictures, and view bookmarks, web history, application usage, address book, calendars, and many more.


FlexiSPY iPhone Tracker

A good thing about FlexiSPY iPhone tracker is that it is compliant with all the IOS devices. The spyware option has the following capabilities:

  • It allows you to hack call log. You will receive a full report sent to your email account. On top of that, you can listen to live phone calls;
  • It allows you to perform audio recording of telephone conversations. Each conversation can be recorded and then stored on the free server. You can find it there;
  • It allows you to hack SMS. You can intercept all messages from the phone;
  • It allows you to know the exact smartphone location;
  • It will open access to web browser. You can review web history as well as bookmarks made by a user;
  • It makes audio control. It can turn on the microphone on the device. You can listen to the iPhone’s surroundings.

Added to this is the fact that iPhone Tracker lets you hack instant messages and receive alerts when the iPhone enters prohibited areas. It works as a keylogger and records every activity made on the target device.

The app is easy to manage and can be quickly installed on an iPhone you want to hack. And you don’t have to do it yourself. The app doesn’t have to be installed manually; it is enough to send the “infected” URL to people you want to spy on.



Spyzie guarantees the safety of all transmitted data from third parties and has a huge list of features, such as

  • tracking of messages from popular instant messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, SnapChat, etc.);
  • hacking of SMS;
  • recording of calls;
  • recording the environment in a real-time mode;
  • screenshots making in a real-time mode;
  • recording Siri requests;
  • and many other useful functions.

Activating the iPhone hacking program takes a couple of minutes. It’s enough to download the installation package from the official website and launch it on a cell phone you would like to hack. After installation, the utility remains “invisible” to the owner of an iPhone. It is not necessary to change settings to bypass security.

From this moment, all the data from the target cell phone become available. In addition, the application has such functions as

  • SMS monitoring and blocking incoming messages from specific senders;
  • Detecting the location of the iPhone’s owner, the stations of the mobile operator, Wi-Fi network or GPS;
  • Accessing the list of contacts, multimedia files, and installed applications;
  • Making reports on call history, including the number, time, and duration.

Another important function that is available after installing the app is the “silent” microphone activation. It is a great thing. Thanks to this feature, one can listen to all conversations and happenings occurring around the owner of the device, even if a cell phone is locked.

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Turn an iPhone into an Instrument of Espionage

Do you want to keep a close eye on your wife, kids, colleagues, or parents? Need to track all the phone calls, read online communication, and access personal info stored on the phone? What to be aware of all the movements of the person? Although it may sound strange, it is possible to keep track of all the above things by using a single app (flexispy or mspy).

It is enough to install spyware on an iPhone you would like to hack. The principle of the program is simple: being installed on a smartphone, the application it works in a stealth mode and regularly forwards all the data to your personal account. It is impossible to detect the program, so you will never be caught on spying.

Knowing how to hack an iphone is not a rocket science. No special knowledge and skills are necessary to hack a cell phone. You need to send a link that starts an automatic installation of spyware package. Users click and follow that link, which adds the spyware to the software list of a device and activates the program. The whole procedure can be done in several steps.


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