Where Are Deleted Messages Stored on Android Phone?

deleted messagesFor many years people lived with a desire to be able to recover their deleted files. In the era of mobile devices, this problem is still relevant. Let’s find out where Android system stores your deleted messages.

The Easiest Way to Read Text Messages

The first thing everyone noticed while using mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS was a total absence of so familiar Recycle Bin like in Windows (Trashcan on Mac OS). It is very useful when you can easily recover your once deleted texts and other files. But mobile operating systems have no such option as the modern devices still have limited space. And a deleted message is the even more complicated case as it is stored and operated by servers and programs, not on your device.

To keep your files safe, you can use some cloud service for back-ups such as DropBox, Google Drive or Apple iCloud. But these services do not work with messages you received or sent, and then deleted on Facebook or Skype. And the only way to recover a deleted message can be offered by a powerful type of a program. Text messages spying applications or keyloggers as many users call them are able to read your text messages and even more.

How to track deleted messages?

deleted messagesTo use those text messages spying apps you do not need to have any special skills. The installation process is very simple and will take you just a few minutes as any other mobile application.

  • Find the program you like
  • Start the installation directly on the target phone
  • Activate your private account on the program’s official website

The selection of modern text monitoring applications is extremely wide. Dozens of programs are available for reasonable prices and even for free. But not all of them are able to track deleted messages. So, before installing any spyware we recommend reading some reviews on our website to learn more about the most relevant applications.


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