How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped?

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Is Your Device Hacked or Bugged?

So, you have a hunch that someone is trying to tap or hack your cell phone, and you want to determine how you can tell if you are being monitored. What are the main indicators that your cell phone is possibly being tapped or bugged:

  1. Battery temperature of your cell phone is too high or too low.
  2. The battery gets drained randomly without even using the phone. You need to charge your phone too often.
  3. You notice unusual activity on your phone. It can range from a static signal on your device every time you make a call to increase of data access.
  4. You receive strange text messages.
  5. Your phone shuts down by itself.
  6. You receive phone bill with extra charges.

You can use the hints listed above to identify someone is trying to gain access or want to hack your phone. So, if you notice at least a few of these indicators, your mobile is possibly tapped.

What should You Do Next if You Know that Your Phone is Being Monitored?

tap-phoneThere are few actions you should do right away if someone is trying to tap your phone secretly:

  • monitoring and tapping softwareDetect The Tracking Software File On Your Device

You can go on to the settings of your mobile to know if someone tries to tap important files on it. Simply open your settings. Then, go to applications, and choose manage applications or running services. If you see any file that you didn’t install, your device could be a victim of malware or tracking software that is trying to hack relevant files.

Most people don’t really have an idea what a tracking software application can do. Developers have been ultimately smart that they have created several powerful modern tracking applications on the phone that can do more than just tracking. Today, the software can also hack your data and other valuable information on your phone.

  • Remove the Tracking Software from Your Phone

If you find unfamiliar programm installed, delete that programm from your file directory. If you unable to do this, reset your phone to default settings. Otherwise, seek assistance from your mobile network operator.

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