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How to Know If Your Phone Is Tapped?

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How to know if your phone is tapped? There are various signs of your mobile device being attacked by a tracking application. All of them will help you to find out if there is any threat to you. Those signs are very average and can just mean nothing. Heating, low battery, and slow processing may mean dozens of issues. But you should check your phone and learn how to tell if your phone is bugged.

How to Tell If Your Phone Is Being Tracked Tapped or Monitored by Spy Software?

Spy apps are very popular among various types of users these days. And still, not many of us understand how powerful and cunning those applications are. And even fewer people understand how to tell if your mobile device is being tracked or monitored by spy software. The moment a person realizes a tiny program that costs less than a powerful anti-virus can do many things. And we need to say lots of those applications are very good at what they do and you not many of us can tell how to know if your phone is tapped.

All those mSpy, Highster Mobile, FlexiSpy, Phone Sheriff, and dozens of other phone spy applications have interesting features every one of use may use in our everyday life. And all those programs are legal! All you need to do is to get access to a target mobile device for few minutes to install the application. And some of them can even work without that condition! How cool is that!

What would be your reaction if you realize that there is a spy app on your smartphone? That is why you need to learn how to tell if your phone is bugged. To find out what your reaction would be.

But jokes aside. Those spy apps are powerful enough to protect your kids and catch your cheating spouse. Now you are able to value these programs more, aren’t you? And if you have a hunch that someone is trying to tap or hack your cell phone, and you want to determine how you can tell if you are being monitored. What are the main indicators that your mobile device is possibly being bugged:

Indicators That Tell Your Phone Is Bugged

  1. Battery temperature of your cell phone is too high or too low.
  2. The battery gets drained randomly without even using the phone. You need to charge your phone too regularly.
  3. You notice unusual activity on your mobile device. It can range from a static signal on your device every time you make a call to increase of data access.
  4. You receive strange text messages.
  5. Your mobile device shuts down by itself.
  6. You receive phone bills with extra charges.

You can use the hints listed above to identify someone is trying to gain access or want to hack your mobile device. If you notice even few of these indicators, your mobile is possibly tapped. But let’s talk about those moments and methods how to tell if your phone is bugged more detailed in the next section.

How to Know If Your Phone Is Tapped – Detecting

how to know if your phone is tappedYou need to learn that some of these indexes and signs are caused by a bunch of other reasons, but if you have few of them on your gadget, you need to think about how to know if your phone is tapped because maybe, someone is spying on you.

  • Weird Behavior of Your Phone – have you noticed your device is doing strange things you’ve never seen before? Just look on your smartphone – does it has any changes? It may light up suddenly and turn off even more unexpected. It may happen once in a while, but if it is regular, you need to prick up your ears.
  • The battery is Low All the Time – if your mobile device is already old, there is nothing strange its charge is low just a few hours after you get it out of the socket. But if it is new enough to handle internet use and phone calls and should keep its charging on a proper level, the low battery is one of those signs something is consuming too much energy. It can be a spy app working in the background.
  • Noise on The Background – how to know if your phone is tapped? If it makes noise in the background from time to time or even constantly, it is one of those obvious signs your smartphone was hacked. And it is one of those super new applications that are able to record surroundings and phone calls via your device’s mic. Yes, the future is here, and it is all about spying.

What Should You Do Next If You Realize Your Phone is Being Monitored?

Do you want to learn how to know if your phone is tapped? Let’s give you suggestions of what you should do immediately if someone is trying to tap your mobile device secretly:

  • Detect The Tracking Software File On Your Device

monitoring and tapping software

You can proceed with the settings of your mobile to find out if someone tries to tap important files on it. Simply open your settings. Then, go to applications, and choose to manage applications or running services. If you notice any file you didn’t install, your device could be a victim of malware or tracking software is trying to hack relevant files.

Most people don’t really have an idea what a tracking software application can do. Developers have been ultimately smart that they have created several powerful modern tracking applications on the phone that can do more than just tracking. Today, the software can also hack your data and other valuable information on your phone.

  • Remove the Tracking Software from Your Mobile Device

If you find unfamiliar program installed, delete the program from your file directory. If you are unable to do this, reset your mobile device to default settings. Otherwise, seek assistance from your mobile network operator.


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