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Auto Forward Review

Updated March 11, 2020 to reflect the latest changes in the software and services mentioned.

two business men looking on the screen of the tabletThe prime objective of our Auto Forward review is to highlight all peculiarities and features of this spy software. In current times, there is a good choice of spy apps for monitoring mobile devices but not each program is really worth its money. Every company developing one or another tracking application claims to be the best! But in practice, you will hardly find the app that corresponds to all your requirements. Some of them offer remote monitoring of the cell phones, but when it comes to the installation process, you see many glitches. In our review, we will analyze Auto Forward and try to find out all advantages of this particular app. Surfing the Internet, we have seen a number of satisfied reviews from real users of the app. So, let’s check whether these reviews are copper-bottomed.

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What is the Primary Audience of Auto Forward?

demo version of auto forward programm dashboardAuto Forward spy app is one of the best and the most reliable backup extractors and phone tracking software. The app allows its users to keep a check on any mobile device stealthily. It goes to show that the program doesn’t require physical access to the target device. Users can install it remotely without even being noticed.

Having visited the official website auto-forward.com, we can conclude that this software product can fit for those who:

  • Broke their phone and wanted to retrieve the significant data kept on the device;
  • Deleted the important information inadvertently;
  • Failed to update the operating system;
  • Wish to recover the data from the smartphone of other people;
  • Want to spy on the phone activities of other people.

The prime objective of the application is to extract data from the target device. The functionality can comply with demands of different types of customers: those who wish to keep a check on the phone activities of their offspring, business partners or employees. Auto Forward acts stealthily. It goes to show that the monitoring person will never guess that you are going to play Bond games. The software allows you to extract any data from the mobile device of another individual.

Overview of the Most Outstanding Auto Forward Features

auto forward spy packageAn extensive range of options the app comes with makes Auto Forward better comparing with other similar applications. These features can be suited to the requirements of all types of customers, even the most demanding.

  • Monitor text messages. Auto Forward allows you to view the content of each text message sent or received. Besides, you can see the deleted content as well.
  • Monitor call history. The app shows you all needed information about made and received calls with time, duration and phone number. Moreover, you can record any conversation and download it to your online account.
  • Email activity. You can see the content of emails the target individual sends or receives.
  • Control IM chats and social networks. Instant messengers are highly popular among teens as well as adults. Now, you can read all conversations made via Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and even Snapchat.
  • Track GPS location. Users can view the locality of the phone in the real time mode.
  • Extract all media files. You may see all photos and recorded videos from the target cell phone on your own device.
  • Remote uninstall. If you want, you may uninstall the program remotely (in case you altered your decision about spying).
  • Web history. With this feature, you can easily check each website the person you track visits.

All these functions are enough to comply with demands of many customers who want to lead the spying activity.

Compatibility of Auto Forward

It is one of the biggest benefits offered by this particular backup retriever. It perfectly works with the most widely-spread operating systems: Android and iOS. Besides, those who are searching for a reputable tracking app for iOS and wish to avoid such a complex procedure as jailbreaking will definitely appreciate such tool. Not every customer is technology-savvy to go into details of this process. Using Auto Forward, you are not made to jailbreak a mobile device.

Moreover, those who wish to start using this product should know that Auto Forward is compatible with the newest versions of iOS. Not every similar app can make a boast of such functionality. Regardless the complicated mechanism of the Apple’s hardware, the developers of this application managed to create a perfect product, complying with demands of all types of users.

How Much Does It Cost?

auto forward logoIt is the question of the major concern for each customer who tries to make his choice. You will be amazed by its pricing policy. Choosing the app, you will forget about all those monthly subscriptions and billing plans. Now, you are not obliged to pay a regular fee for each month. You should pay only once and enjoy all features of the program. The price is moderate. You should pay only $29,99 for a license. The one-time payment deprives you of the necessity to choose the billing plan and think which one is better.

Download Auto Forward

How Does It Work?

Choosing among a number of similar apps, you will hardly find so easy to use the application as Auto Forward. First, you need to purchase the program. After this, the support team will send you an email containing the information about all peculiarities of the downloading process. You should follow the instructions and enter the phone number you wish to spy on. As a rule, the procedure takes several minutes. You can look over the extracted data from your personal account at any time convenient for you.


The modern technological market is overwhelmed with such spying products; customers always face difficulties choosing one or another application. In some cases, they regret the choice they have made. But it is not about Auto Forward. If you pick this product, you will not regret. The application is really worth its money. If your overarching aim is to track the iPhone, the app allows you to do this avoiding the procedure of jailbreaking. The users of Android-based devices will also find many benefits. Taking into account its pricing policy, we can say that Auto Forward development team cares about the convenience of the customers and quality of the final product.


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