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Phone Monitoring on Android: Main Features

android-monitoring phonesWe live in the progressive world were technologies decide everything. Modern technologies open new opportunities for us and make our life better. Mobile devices, various gadgets, laptops, and the Internet have become an integral part of our life. It is impossible even to imagine our life without all these things.  We use electronic devices on a regular basis, but we also try to control their usage as it has its pitfalls. More and more people are installing various monitoring or hacking programs for Android devices and computers because of free access to the Internet, as well as uncontrolled usage of these gadgets, has hazardous side effects.

Why do you need monitoring software (especially for Android phones)?

android monitoringThere are many reasons why people install monitoring software.

According to a recent survey conducted by American University, there is a top list of the most widely spread reasons why people resort to installing monitoring programs:

  1. Cheating wife or husband. Those couples, who experience certain problems in relationships, frequently install spying soft to make sure that their match is cheating on them. Married couples also use such programs, if they have marriage contracts and need solid evidence of a spouse’s infidelity. Monitoring programs for Android and computer is an easy way to get such evidence.
  2. Protecting children. The Internet is not a safe place and requires certain control. You never know what your child is watching online and who he/she is chatting with. Monitoring programs installed on phones and computers allows parents to keep an eye on their off-springs. Parents get access to all chats on social media, SMS, MMS, calls, e-mails, etc.
  3. Managing business. Company owners frequently provide their employees with business phones that should be used for business needs. Nevertheless, employees tend to misuse corporate Android devices using them for personal use. They make private calls or spend a lot of time on the Internet. Monitoring soft gives the possibility to track not only the activity of personnel but also the location of the computer or Android phone if working from home is practiced in the company.

Monitoring Android phones activity

texting-spy-androidEven though iPhones are very popular, Android is not left behind. The number of users using Android phones is increasing every year, and it leads to the necessity to develop good applications and programs for Android. Today Android phones can be used instead of laptops and it is very convenient – they are small, perform the same functions and are easily portable. In other words, widely spread usage of Android devices requires applications that can perform the same monitoring functions.

Choosing a good Android spying program for a phone is always a complicated task because of the wide range of monitoring software. If you are not a computer expert, you definitely do not know which program is reliable and which developer provides trustworthy services. You can always search information online and make a decision based on feedback and comments of users but before making a final decision, make sure that the program you are going to purchase, has the following features.

Must have features of the Android phone monitoring apps:

  • User-friendly. Monitoring program must be comprehensive and easy to use despite the number of features it offers. Even if it has numerous features, it can be simple. Select the one that is convenient for you and provides remote access to full information.
  • Managing and listening to phone calls. Monitoring software provides you with the possibility to manage all incoming and outgoing phone calls on Android devices. The user of the program gets access to call logs with information on the duration of calls and numbers. If necessary, it is possible even to restrict specific calls. Moreover, it is recommended to choose an app that has a live interception or listening feature – listen to received or made phone calls from the target device.
  • Read SMS and MMS. Not sure who your husband is sending a message to, check it with this unique feature. You can view all sent and received SMS with full content and details. It also refers to multimedia messages on the target phone. All details usually are available in logs and reports.
  • Unlocking feature. Sometimes kids protect their phones from parents with a password, thinking that in such a way they will be able to hide all their secrets and do what they want. Fortunately, for parents, Android monitoring programs can easily spy on passwords set on phones.
  • Spying on chats. You will agree that all phones are used for chatting on Facebook, Viber, and many other messengers. Monitoring Android apps provide access to instant messengers and all chats. As a matter of fact, Flexispy gives access to more than 19 instant messengers.
  • Tracking location. Good monitoring application definitely has a feature that allows you to track the location of the target phone, and therefore the user, with the help of GPS. It is an incredibly useful feature if you have lost your phone or need to track down your kid’s location.

Selecting the right Android monitoring program

It is important to select monitoring software based on the features mentioned above. Among the most recommended you will always see Flexispy, mSpy, Mobile Spy, and Solar Edge. All these programs are user-friendly and have great features that will satisfy any customer.  It is important to note that they are not free just any reliable program, but they are worth their price.

Spying programs are a useful tool and can help you solve your personal or business problems. For more information on each of the programs, visit the official website.


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