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How to Track a Phone Location For Free?

track phone location

If you are going to track phone location and find out everything about phone activities, then, spy application is a great solution for you. Spyware provides a unique opportunity to be aware of all phone locations in real time as well as to track the history of whereabouts without any efforts..

Here are the main steps of how to track a cell phone location for free by default.

  1. Install the application on a target phone.
  2. Register your account on its official website.
  3. Enter the app.
  4. Log in to your account.
  5. Find the section with all the devices available for spying and location monitoring.
  6. Choose the phone you want to locate.
  7. The map with the target phone will be displayed in your accounts control panel.

Let’s Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

Everyone is afraid to lose their phones. No one imagines his life without a constant connection to the digital world. And it is fair enough as the modern world is totally into devices and different ways of communication. For you to note, there is already a special word for this contemporary phobia. Word Nomophobia is officially responsible for our phone losing fears.

And according to statistics, almost 50% of people all around the globe suffer from this phobia. There are few main degrees of it, but it displays that strong connection between people and digital devices these days. Is it good or not, we are here not to judge, but to solve a problem. As people collect their memories, personal data, and almost whole lives in these small and flat devices called mobile phones, it is not surprising they are afraid to lose it.

And the best solution is to learn how to find phone location in few different ways. Today you will learn how to secretly track a cell phone location for free. In some cases, you should have some certain skills to deal with the problem, but there are also methods that don’t require any technically complicated action from you. Let’s find out!

track phone location

How to Find Phone Location for Free via Find My iPhone

For all you guys out there with iPhones who ask “how to track my phone,” we have few different methods. And according to our experience, iPhone owners fear to lose their phone more than any other person with Android or another operating system device. Why? It is simple! Because all those apple products are expensive as hell!

And if your iPhone is lost you have only two choices: buy another ridiculously overpriced cell phone or to track its location. If you choose the second way, you have pretty good chances to succeed. And we are here not to teach you how to track an iPhone by phone number, because, all those statements it is real are just false illusions. In this article, you will find few main ways of how to get your lost iPhone back. And we will start with an Apple-developed app called Find My iPhone.


Find My iPhone Capabilities

  • It is possible to get the accurate GPS location monitoring of your or any other target iPhone on a map.
  • The app launches a special siren at max volume, and it lasts for two minutes so you or somebody else could find it.
  • An owner of the device can lock it remotely using a password.
  • A person is able to create and launch a special message on a lost phone remotely.
  • The app will display the shortest route to your lost iPhone.
  • If you are worried about your data on a lost phone, you can delete it remotely wiping the entire memory off.

Track a Cell Phone Location for Free Using Find my iPhone:

Step 1: Find, download and install the application.

track a cell phone location for free

  • It is available in any app store you use.
  • Please note that you should install and active Find My iPhone app before any trouble will happen. Just go to settings of the app after its installation and turn it on.

Step 2: Use another device with iOS to locate it.

track a cell phone location for free


  • Any other device with iOS on board is your potential platform to track a cell phone location for free.
  • Just enter the program and find your iPhone on the map.
  • There are also other features you can use before your phone is returned to you.

Track an iPhone Location for Free via iCloud.com

Of course, it is not always that easy to get another iOS device to find your own gadget. In this situation, you just need to use iCloud as your base. To be brief, iCloud can perform all those features Find My iPhone app offers.

How to track my phone using iCloud:

track a cell phone location for free

  1. Use your unique Apple ID and Password to enter the iCloud.
  2. Find and tap the Find My iPhone button.
  3. There will be a map with all your Apple devices located on it.
  4. Get to the Devices section.
  5. Click on the one you lost.
  6. All the options you can perform will be displayed immediately. (Siren, lost mode, and Erase)
  7. Use the map to track the exact location of your iPhone.

How to Find my Samsung Phone for Free

Here is the chapter those guys who shout “find my Samsung phone” were reading to. We should say that tracking an Android device is easy and is very similar to the iPhone method. Even the procedure and features you can use are also very similar. You also should install a separate application to find your phone’s location. And it is also free.
If you have a Samsung Galaxy model, you can also count on a special built-in program called Find My Mobile. You will have to use your Samsung account, and it is also free as well. And there are also all those features offered by the previous method.

track a cell phone location for free

Find My Mobile Features:

  • GPS location tracking.
  • Remote lock of the lost phone.
  • Launching of the siren signal.
  • Erase entire memory on the lost phone.

How to Find my Android Phone:

Step 1: Launch your own Samsung account.

track a cell phone location for free

It is very easy to do. Just go to Android settings and press Add Account button. As any other method to find my android phone/track android phone, this one should be launched before your device will be lost.

Step 2: Log in your cabinet.

track a cell phone location for free

  • To do this, you need to have your personal Samsung ID and password.

Step 3: Find your phone.

track a cell phone location for free

  • Use Find My Mobile icon.
  • Tap on the Registered Mobile section.
  • Now you can track your device’s GPS location, launch siren, lock or erase it completely.

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is another great tool to find your lost phone. Most of Android products users have their personal Google Accounts. This is the key point on hot you will find your phone’s location remotely. The entire process is extremely easy and simple. The main element is a built-in tool called Android Device Manager.

To start using it just tap on the launching toggle and that is it. Android Device Manager will be switched on and working in the background without any bothering. You also should install the application on any other device to track your phone’s location remotely.

Android Device Manager Features:

  • GPS location tracking of devices with Google Accounts.
  • Reset screen locking PIN code.
  • Wipe all info from the memory of the lost gadget.
  • Launch an alarm signal on full volume.
  • Lock the device completely.

How to Use Android Device Manager:

Step 1: Launch Android Device Manager.

track a cell phone location for free

  • You will find the location tracking application in Settings and Security section.
  • Turn on those two features “Remotely locate this device” and “Allow remote lock and erase” in Android Device Manager application.

Step 2: Location Access turned on.

track a cell phone location for free

  • Visit Settings and press Location there.
  • Press On toggle to launch the location feature.

Step 3: Use Android Device Manager to track your gadget’s location.

track a cell phone location for free

  • Start the application on another device.
  • Log in to your Google Account on that device.
  • Find all devices available.
  • Tap on the device you want to track and find out its location.
  • On the interactive map, you will see the location of your.
  • You’ll find a map to track the location of your lost device.
  • If it is needed, launch any other features mentioned before (Erase, Lock, Siren).

How to Track Someone’s Phone Location via a Spy App

And the most secure and reliable way to track your lost device’s location is to try a spy app. This method is very useful, especially if you need to track someone else’s gadget without them knowing it. In this situation, you will need to get truly reliable and skillful spying application. Fortunately, modern spy apps are very diverse, and you will easily find the best solution you deserve.

The list of spying applications, keyloggers, and GPS location tracking tools is very long these days. You can easily find lots of reviews on this topic. We just want to speak in general about a default spy app with a default trial version. We speak about the trial as you want to track devices for free. If you are ready to spend some money on this, the list of applications will be even bigger than you expect.

A Few Words About Spy Applications

track a cell phone location for free

Spy application is a special type of software developed for monitoring the data that goes through the target phone. The app captures the information and uploads it to your online account. You can access your online panel at any time you want and from any device which has the stable Internet connection.

Surveillance applications usually work in the stealth mode. It means that the user of the target device will not catch you and you will be completely undetected. There are free apps on the market, thanks to which you can monitor someone’s smartphone without spending even a dollar.

Here are few main features a good average spy app offers:

  • Versions for both iOS and Android.
  • A trial version or has an affordable price to try it out.
  • A stealth mode which makes it undetectable. It is very important if you don’t want a target smartphone user to find out of your spying mission.

Those programs are very useful in various situations. You can use them to track your kids, spouse or even employees who use your corporate devices. And there are even more functions to use in spying mode.

Additional Benefits of Track Phone Location Apps

The surveillance software provides not only GPS tracking services. It has many other important features. The main of them is the next:

How to Track a Phone Location Using Spy Apps?

find phone location

Spying apps are easy to use. The actual installation takes only several minutes and doesn’t require ad hoc knowledge or skills. Just follow a simple algorithm of the installation process.

  • Firstly, visit official website of the app you’ve chosen;
  • Then, find and download the installation file;
  • Run the installation process;
  • Adjust customer settings;
  • Finally, create your online account using your valid email and suitable password.

Now start your monitoring. Sign in to your panel, information on the phone activities will be in a full view. Your Control panel is the place where every single action of the target smartphone can be easily monitored and recorded. Try to get a spy app with user-friendly interface and easy to use features.


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