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How the NSA and Police Is Tracking Citizens Today Using Cell Phone Surveillance

Cell Phone SurveillanceIt is not a secret that NSA, police and other federal/government organizations were the first users of the cell phone surveillance applications as well as special spying software. The agency is gathering billions of records with personal information on a daily basis. Also, these guys can achieve any cell phone in the world. NSA’s international surveillance authority gives this agency a right to monitor every step done by the mobile user to guarantee national security. In addition, there are many other reasons to use such apps.

One of the most common goals of the BSA is to discover locations and travel habits of the people to conduct so-called “target development.” It helps to discover unknown associates of targets the organization is already aware of.

In order to achieve the set goals, the NSA vamps information on a large database of mobile phones and their locations. The official representatives share that they do not intentionally gather all US device locations in bulk; sometimes, some of them are swept up occasionally. The main purpose is actually to use different analytics approaches to defining co-travelers. Those are unknown associates who might be interacting with the identified target.

As a result, by knowing how exactly NSA surveillance software works, one can understand the way any spy application functions.

Methods Used to Retrieve Locations from Mobile Devices

  • Once a particular cell phone connects to a cellular network, it declares its availability on 1+ registers that are supported by various telecommunication providers to relate and bill their counterparts for calls. Registration notifications, as a rule, involve a cell phone’s “coarse” location, at both town/city or region-country level. It can also identify the position placed far from a cellular
  • Many cell phones and smart devices apply Wi-Fi signals to edit their locations. They count on the databases that create maps for billions of hot spots globally. Such signals can place the device down to a city block.
  • GPS obtainers, present in most of the cellular/satellite phones, can place a gadget within the one-hundred-meter
  • Many mobile operators track devices through triangulating their distance from cellular.

Why Are There Few Locations Left to Hide?

Cell Phone Surveillance: When turned on and connected to the network, a cell phone detects its location in many ways on the major signaling pathways of the worldwide network. Most of that data (information) covers the area of the United States, even for internationally registered numbers. UPSTREAM is a known name for the NSA collection of these links.

If you want to protect your own data from being watched, you may, for instance, read some useful recommendations.

Are Cell Phone Surveillance Apps Legal?

Cell Phone Surveillance: As far as the officially registered organizations like NSA and FBI are actively using spy software for powerful data tracking, ordinary citizens can also try this option. The NSA has no pure interest in the private information of every citizen; they do not pick all data intentionally.

The primary objective of applying the latest surveillance apps is to explore big amounts of time-stamped position tracking records without determining the specific target. The organization is simply searching for the unexpected droplets of valuable information in the ocean of data. Most of the cell phone users in the system have nothing to worry about. The NSA checks private information just to find out whether it corresponds to the foreign intelligent purpose.

To sum up, surveillance software makes it possible to:

  • Detect any cell phone in the world
  • Conduct in-depth data tracking
  • Retrace movements of the target devices
  • Expose hidden relationships among the users

Mobile developers have created the series of spy apps which allows watching and monitoring every step taken by your child as well as other family members. As far as it is fully legal, any American family can afford to download and using surveillance software today.

So, here are reasons why ordinary citizens may want to collect and analyze location data of the specific mobile device:

  1. In order to defend their families from danger
  2. Be able to find expensive lost devices
  3. Protect personal information
  4. Effective data tracking
  5. Ability to monitor target camera
  6. Read/track messages of other people
  7. Watch what is going on while they’re absent

These reasons sound more than persuasive. All you have to do to access all available personal information on one’s cell phone is choose the best surveillance software. The list of the top apps can be found below.

Cell Phone Surveillance Apps Everyone Can Afford

Cell Phone Surveillance: The last thing this article covers is the surveillance applications that every citizen can afford. Here are the apps that will make it possible to access any information and faster data tracking.


Monitoring the site is easy with FlexiSpy. It is better to use OMNI version which is on the news. The company or user will be able to monitor all incoming and outgoing messages of the target mobile devices as well as multimedia files. The app includes the access to contact address book. The GPS function allows defining the location accurately.


Having a user-friendly interface, the app offers tools for better data as well as location tracking, hearing the surroundings, dialing the target device, listening to one’s conversations, reading all sorts of messages, and accessing contact address at any time.


mSpy is, perhaps, the most popular app out of all surveillance and spying tools. Therefore, it is easy to download, install, and use. It provides the most recent data on the user being tracked. The developers guarantee full access to call logs, contacts, ability to ban specific numbers, track GPS location, monitor internet activity, watch e-mails, etc.


This one is among those surveillance tools that allow you to spy like a web camera. Add this feature to text messages tracking, call history logging, browser history controlling, availability of multimedia accessories, and, as a result, you’ll get a perfect formula of the monitoring software.

Highster Mobile

Use it on your cell phone to access the target mobile device in full: monitor the sites your victim attends, his or her complete call history, SMS and other types of messages, surrounding, and more. It is very simple to install and start using.

In conclusion, we may say that you can search for other popular surveillance tools if you wish to receive access to the entire data of the target gadget. We have discussed how and why NSA, police, and ordinary citizens use surveillance apps. If you need a complete guide to cell phone spying, you may go on searching for additional information or use this simple one.


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