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SpyEra: Ideal Software for Everyday Phone Monitoring

Updated March 11, 2020 to reflect the latest changes in the software and services mentioned.

spyera-featuresLots of modern smartphone applications make our life easier. There is nothing fantastic to have a video chat with a person who is millions of miles away. But there are still tools that can impress us even today when the modern technologies are super developed and evolved as never before. One of those fantastic apps is spy programs. Such software as SpyBubble, XNSPY, and iKeyMonitor are great examples of how a good monitoring solution can look like. And this review is about another great software called SpyEra. Continue reading to learn more about SpyEra and its best features.

About SpyEra

spyera-boxSpyEra is a Hong Kong based company with great reputation. This software helps it, users, to monitor mobile devices. It has recommended itself as an effective tool to monitor all possible activities of your kids, spouse or employee. Also, people use SpyEra as a monitoring tool for their own devices. The software is well-known for its personal and business capabilities that are equally good and reliable.

The main part of SpyEra features are common to those you’ve might read before in various reviews. First of all, it is about calls and text messages tracking. But this software also has a bunch of other helpful stuff to offer. SpyEra can record phone calls and even surroundings in real time. Web browser history is also available for your view as like all the media content and even GPS locations of the targeted phone or tablet. Also, it is possible to block inappropriate content and phone numbers remotely. This feature would be very helpful for parents who try to prevent their kids facing online bullies.

SpyEra is one of the fastest developing spy applications on the modern market. Its recording and transmitting features of calls and surroundings are unique. They can be very useful for any type of software user no matter what reason he has to use SpyEra. Also, we want to note that this software has a top-class stealth mode feature that makes it almost impossible to get noticed by a target phone user even with anti-virus software.


spyera-reviewSo, let’s talk about the most prominent SpyEra features:

Messengers Tracker

Skype, Viber, Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Gtalk and WhatsApp. These applications are well-known for most of the smartphone users. With their help, you can contact any person fast and easy. And with the help of SpyEra, you can easily read all the messages other people sent each other via these apps.

Multiple Gadgets Tracking

One of the biggest advantages of this software is its ability to be installed on various gadgets at once. It is a great option for corporate users or family monitoring solutions. You pay once and use SpyEra on all the smartphones and gadgets you have.

Operating Systems Compatibility

While using the software, you should not worry about what operating system your phone is powered with. SpyEra is great modern software modified to be compatible with every popular operating system we know today. Android and iOS gadgets are the most popular ones.

Reliable Stealth Mode

Most of the monitoring applications are very easily detectable. But it is not about SpyEra. The software was developed properly and deals with the first task of any good spy app, to be undetectable, perfectly. It is almost impossible for a target phone user to find out that he is under control. Even most powerful anti-virus software is almost powerless to detect SpyEra. To improve your confidentiality, follow these simple steps:

  • Conceal jailbreak proofs for iPhone
  • Conceal rooting evidences for Android
  • There should not any signs of SpyEra in the menu
  • Enable AES/PKI encryption option
  • Check out HTTPS encryption
  • You should hide the software from launcher
  • Hide the software from the task manager
  • Delete the installation history of the targeted device

GPS Location Tracking. This option is a perfect fit for parents who always worry about their kids. With this option on the board of your child’s mobile phone, you will be able to have a constant control on your kid’s location no matter where your son or daughter is. It is also a helpful point if you want to use SpyEra on your own phone. If it is stolen or lost, you will easily find it no matter how far it is.

How to Use SpyEra?

spyera-reviewsSpyEra is a professional monitoring solution, and its developers did everything possible to provide their customers with a comfort. The software has a user-friendly interface. And can be used by any type of customer no matter how experienced he is. The installation process is also very simple. Just visit the official website to download the application and follow the instructions for its installation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact customer support department. Uninstall process also is simple and do not require any special skills or knowledge.


Any good thing has its price and such cool spying software as SpyEra is not an exception. The price for this software may seem too high, but if you really want to have professional level well-developed monitoring software for everyday usage in business or personal purposes, the price of SpyEra would seem fair to you. To learn more about prices and month packages of the program, visit its official website for actual and accurate info.


While there is a great number of monitoring solutions on the market, SpyEra holds its niche with no shifting. It is because of its quality and list of features that includes some unique offers. Those users, who want to have reliable software with no errors and bugs, should look on SpyEra closer. The advantages of the software are more valuable than its weak sides. Most of the people around the Internet complain about the price of SpyEra. But it is totally reasonable due to software’s advantages that were listed in this article.


  • Michael says:

    DO not … I repeat Do NOT do business with this Chinese company… I tried to cancel my contact and to receive a refund because there is no support for IOS 11.2.5 and they refuse to even answer my email request … rip-off … scam … thieves !!! Do not waste your money! It doesn’t work. It’s just a waste of money ! Trust me on this.
    Michael Ryan

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