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How to spy on iPhone text messages for free?

My husband has been unemployed for the past two years, and it has been hard to survive on my salary.  Now, I have reason to believe that husband may be involved in something illegal to provide for our family.  Please tell me how I can spy on iPhone text message for free – I need to know for sure before it is too late.


How to Spy iPhone Messages for Free?

Many iPhone users falsely believe it is impossible to hack an apple phone.  In fact, it has become as easy to hack an iPhone as it is to hack any windows phone or android. You should know that if you hack your husband’s phone without his knowledge or consent, you are not only violating his trust and privacy, but you are also committing an act that may be subject to criminal prosecution.  If you still feel that you need to uncover your husband’s covert activities, then the following options may be of interest to you.

Mobipast is a great option for iPhone, although it can also be installed on android devices.  Totally invisible, this free SMS tracker will seamlessly allow you to hack your target phone.  It gives you access to all the phone user’s social media conversations and communications as well, including Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp.  Text messages are updated every 30 minutes too.  There is also a paid version of this app, and you will likely be prompted to upgrade.

Exactspy is another solid option.  This app is free for a trial period. However, it has great features. And may be worth upgrading to depending on how long you need to hack your husband’s phone. Before you uncover what he is doing.  Features that may be of particular use to you include the GPS locator, SMS tracker and call history log.  Exactspy is a comprehensive package of tools to hack a phone. And between these two options, you will get the answers you need.


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