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Review Of Hoverwatch: Track Someone’s Cell Phone Activities Easily

Updated March 7, 2020 to reflect the latest changes in the software and services mentioned.

A Few Words About Hoverwatch

hoverwatch reviewIn the following review we will talk about Hoverwatch – a powerful and well-known tracking application. It is universal and provides many useful tracking features. With the help of this amazing app, you get access to all calls, web browser history, SMS messages, social media activities, etc. It has already proved its effectiveness and has got positive feedback from customers.

Parents who use the app, write that with the help of Hoverwatch they have an opportunity to fix all troubles in which their children keep getting online. They can check the location of the children and make sure that everything is alright. Business owners say that Hoverwatch helps them to estimate the performance of employees and to increase profits of the company. Thanks to the app managers do not need to spend time on micro-management issues and workspace intrusion.

Purposes of Using Hoverwatch

hoverwatch review

Parental control

Use Hoverwatch, and it will help you greatly to protect your kids from numerous online threats. You can avoid cyber bullying, forbid accessing inappropriate content by children, protect them from communication with strangers who may seem suspicious. Our kids due to their inexperience can’t distinguish the danger and don’t know how to protect themselves. That’s why this is a job of their parents. Keep track of everything your child is doing online, and you’ll make sure that your kid is safe. If you use Hoverwatch, you’ll gain complete access to all activities of your children and his location.

Monitoring employees

If you have your own business, you have to take care not only about its profitability but also about the safety of the confidential information. Your competitors can use your financial, marketing or manufacturing information for their own purposes for unfair competition. That’s why you should protect your information from leakage. Hoverwatch enables you to view all activities of your employees when they use the company’s devices. Thus, you can know what are your employees talking about, which files are they sending to each other and people outside the company using their phones.

Personal needs

You can use Hoverwatch for personal needs. It is effective for monitoring devices of your significant other. With its help, you will dispel all your doubts. You will see if he or she hides something in SMS messages, chats, gallery or the web browser history. You can also install Hoverwatch on your personal device. In this case, you will be able to restore all information if it is deleted and find the device without IMEI number if it is stolen or lost.

Hoverwatch’es Key Features

hoverwatch review

  • Spying On Phone Calls – track the list of all incoming and outgoing phone calls with duration, time and date of the calls;
  • Tracking SMS Messages – view copies of all sent and received messages with time and date logs. Spy on all images and files that were included in the SMS messages;
  • Monitoring Web Browser – track all web pages that the user of the target phone or another device visited using his or her device as well as bookmarks and favorite websites;
  • Tracking Social Media Accounts – get access to all activities of the owner of the target device on his or her account on social media. Spy on Facebook, Snapchat activities. The tracker registers outgoing and incoming messages as well as video and audio files from chats on Facebook. You can also spy on Snapchat. Hoverwatch saves SMS, makes camera shots and screenshots, monitors web history and tracks GPS position of the target device;
  • GPS Location Tracking. You can make a request and track the current GPS location of the owner of the target phone on the virtual map. The information will be displayed in seconds so you can see the location of your kid or employee at any time.

How To Use The App?

hoverwatch review

  • Go to the official website of the app and sign up your personal account. Use a valid email address and a password for it;
  • Add the device and find the detailed instruction on the installation process;
  • Click the link to the file and download the installation file of Hoverwatch;
  • Run the installation process on the target device;
  • Make sure that your device meets all requirements of the app or adjust settings;
  • Open Hoverwatch and activate the service. Now you are ready to start tracking.

Pricing Policy

You can choose your Hoverwatch plan from two plans that are available on the website of the app. You can buy:

  • Personal package – you should pay €8.33 per month if you buy a year license. If you buy a month subscription, you have to be ready to pay €19.95;
  • Family package – you will have to pay €3.33 per month for one device if you buy a year license. If you need a subscription for one month, pay €39.95 for one device.

Hoverwatch is a well-known and trusted tracker. Users of more than 12 million devices have tested its effectiveness. And you should try it too. Track all phone calls, SMS messages and other activities of the user of the target phone with Hoverwatch.

Why Do We Need Tracking Applications like Hoverwatch

Every single day of our lives, we have to meet new challenges and to solve new problems. The rapid development of information technologies and appearance of new information channels and electronic devices makes our lives easier on the one hand. We can do shopping online without the need to leave the comfortable armchair. Also, we can order food online if we have no time for cooking. We have an opportunity to communicate with our friends, even if they live on the other side of the planet. It’s easy thanks to our computers, cell phones, and tablets. But at the same time, we should beware numerous threats that appear along with the benefits of electronic devices. And it is a good idea to use monitoring applications such as Hoverwatch to protect ourselves, our families, and businesses.

Our children may access inappropriate content online or communicate with dangerous strangers; our significant others get new space for cheating, our employees may disclose confidential information. And there are so many other problems. But we can solve them all using tracking software. This kind of applications makes it possible to be aware of all the activities that go on the target device and control them. And the Hoverwatch is one of the best among them.

The cost of the service  is $25/month, or $6-10/per device.


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