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How to Tell if your Android is Rooted

rooted phoneSome advanced Android users are wondering how to tell if android is rooted. They wish to become superusers in order to save money on various phone services. Once you download a suspicious game or software, your Android device may be rooted. In fact, special root apps really exist, and they may help.

Why It Might Be Complicated to Check If Android Device Is Rooted

How can you be sure that your chosen application worked? In fact, from the very first step which is installation, you can guess that mobile developers do not really want us to be able to root the phones without their help. Don’t worry: the root program itself is easy to find and get installed. This article will tell you how.

Stages of Confirming Your Mobile Safety through Rooting It

rooted phone

  1. The steps begin with searching for the proper root software in your app drawer. Once you download it, you’ll get the needed access to your phone system to see whether it’s rooted or not. It is recommended to install a single custom root control app at a time. When you get all root permissions, you’ll be able to tell if your Android phone was rooted.
  2. Google Play has everything a superuser may need, including checker apps for detecting if the target phone is rooted. Open the downloaded program and follow all developer’s instructions accurately.
  3. A terminal might sound like an old school, but this way to find out whether target mobile phone was damaged is one of the best. You can work with any terminal from Play Store. Give it a try by entering “su” and hitting return. Allow the terminal to work as a root from the control app used to detect the level of received damages.

Know that if your login prompt switches to #, you are the superuser.


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