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Everything You Want to Know About SurePoint Spy Software

Updated March 11, 2020 to reflect the latest changes in the software and services mentioned.

surepoint reviewModern spying application is very simple but at the same time powerful tools. With their help, you can easily know everything you want about a person and his private life. For example, your husband is cheating on you, why would you think he wants to keep everything in secret? Is this just a love affair or something serious? Or maybe there is no affair at all. How can you know? Well, yes, monitoring software will be the perfect solution for the situation. And many others too, like those with your kids or employees. And for all these cases you do not have to buy few different monitoring applications. You can solve everything with just one spying software called SurePoint.

It is a top-class spying and monitoring application for cell phones with different operating systems. There are lots of helpful features offered by this spy app. Besides that, it is one of the most reliable and easy to use monitoring applications on the market. And all that is available just for $69.99. And please note that the price is one-time payment with no need to renew your subscription every month. It is a very important offer on the modern cell phone spy software market. To learn more about the software, please continue reading.

Installation Process

SurePoint stands for simplicity and easiness in use so the entire experience of using this software would be absolutely pleasant right from the installation process. No matter how often did you use spy apps, this one will fit you absolutely perfect. Just visit the official website of the phone spy software or find it on a licensed app store and install on a target cell phone.

Please note that this would be the only time you need to hold the target phone in your hands. The installation process will take you just a few minutes, two or three actually. Before you start monitoring a target cell phone, you should activate the program in your personal account using a license key which will be sent to you after you pay the money.

SurePoint Monitoring Process

surepoint reviewAs any other spy app, SurePoint can deal with various features such as SMS tracking, GPS location monitoring, and calls logging. The entire performance is very simple, and if you have once heard about keyloggers, you probably know what it is all about. We must say that this spy app does not differ from any other phone monitor. It is simple and can deal with all those basic features you can find in other popular phone monitors such as mSpy, XNSPY or SpyBubble app.

So you should deal directly with your personal account and its control panel. This is the place where all logs will be settled for your control and view. Just set your personal password, and you’ll be able to monitor the target phone remotely from any part of the planet. All you need to have is just an internet connection. But even if there is no, you will receive logged information immediately after the connection will be renewed. The same thing is on the target phone. If there is no connection, logged info can’t be sent to your account, but you will receive it as soon as the target device is connected to the internet again.

Spying Options Available with SurePoint:

  • SMS tracker
  • Social networks monitor
  • Passwords logger
  • GPS location tracker
  • Emails monitor
  • Chatting apps monitor
  • Contacts and calendar controller
  • Incoming and outgoing calls logger
  • Browser history viewer
  • Remote camera

Besides those cool features available, you also will be surprised with one truly unique. Lots of cell phone users often delete their messages and other files from their devices. It can be caused by the lack of free space on their phone’s memory, or they are trying to hide something from others. You can easily find out why your wife is deleting info from her cell phone with the help of SurePoint. This great spy tool can view even those messages and files that a user has deleted from the phone memory.

Operating Systems Compatibility

surepoint reviewOf course, you had heard about compatibility before, even if you didn’t know it is called like that. It means that your phone’s operating system should be compatible with the software you want to install on it. So if you are using iPhone, you need to download and install software compatible with iOS. The same thing is about the application we are talking here about. It is compatible with the most popular operating systems such as iOS and Android.

While choosing the right installation file, you should reckon the target’s phone operating system as the program should be installed only in it. In fact, you can monitor target phone actions through any phone you want with the help of a web browser and your personal account on the official website. This is also very useful because you can easily monitor Android phones while using an iPhone for example.


As the modern society is totally addicted to an internet connection and it is almost constant in our days, you probably wouldn’t have any problems with the exploitation of any spy app. SurePoint is one of those great programs that can show you a real power and sense of the entire industry. While dealing with this almost professional but still very easy to use the application you would experience the best features available on the modern market. And it will cost you a unique one-time payment in $69.99. The installation will take you just a few minutes.


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