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PLEASE NOTE: The iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry versions have been discontinued.

Updated March 11, 2020 to reflect the latest changes in the software and services mentioned.

phonesheriff reviewIf you trouble your head choosing a reputable application for parental control, this review will help you to make your final choice. Its prime objective is to analyze PhoneSheriff, phone tracking software developed with the aim to control the screen time and the phone activities of children. Here, we will check the functionality of this application and see whether PhoneSheriff is worth its money.

General Purpose of PhoneSheriff

The overarching goal of PhoneSheriff is to provide all parents with a decent application for tracking their kids’ phone activities. With this software product, you can easily check what your children do, and with whom they spend their whereabouts. Moreover, you may restrict some of their online activities. Having purchased the software product, you can install it and start using almost immediately.

Earlier, such spyware product for phone monitoring operated stealthily. PhoneSheriff was an undetectable application. It goes to show that the person you keep a check on doesn’t suspect anything wrong. Nevertheless, these days, the situation has changed. After the previous update, PhoneSheriff doesn’t offer the stealth version. Now, its icon is viewable on the phone screen. Therefore, if your overarching aim is to control the other people stealthily, you should prefer other monitoring apps. It can be HighSter Mobile or mSpy, for instance.

Best Options Offered by PhoneSheriff

phonesheriff reviewAs well as any other reputable phone tracking program, PhoneSheriff is also endowed with a plethora of valuable features, allowing you to meet all your spying goals. The detailed description of all logging options is listed below:

  • The capability to view all text messages. Having installed PhoneSheriff onto the device of your children, you will easily check the content of all text messages (sent or received). Still, deleted messages are also viewable.
  • All chat conversations of iPhone users are visible now. Such option is useful for all iPhone users.
  • Control the call history. Users of PhoneSheriff can view all information (the time and length of the conversation) about incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Photo logs. With the help of the option, users can easily view the details of all photo files made by the tracking phone.
  • Keep tabs on web browsing history. You can control which websites your kid visits or bookmarks. Each URL is viewable.
  • Monitoring of the GPS location. Parents who wish to know where and with whom their naughty kids spend free time will definitely appreciate the benefits of this option. The feature is provided using Google Maps, allowing the users of PhoneSheriff to check all driving directions or surrounding businesses.
  • Keep tabs on all calendar marks. Now you can be aware of all prearranged meetings and events of the person you monitor.
  • Track Messengers or Emails. Such instant messengers are very popular these days. Each spy app for Android devices monitoring has the feature allowing users to check the activity of WhatsApp and Snapchat applications.

Except for the set of options, PhoneSheriff sends you alert, notifying about misconducts that may happen.


It is one of the strongest points of this program for mobile devices tracking. Reviewing against other programs for spying on mobile phones, PhoneSheriff is compatible with Android devices. It is a real benefit because not each app with similar functionality makes a boast of such a high compatibility.

One more aspect which requires attention is the capability to keep tabs on iPhones without the necessity to jailbreak a phone. At first glance, such procedure is quite simple, but the core audience of such software is tech-savvy users who avoid such complicated manipulations with the device. As a matter of course, customers are searching for easy to use apps, avoiding all complex procedures related to installation or the app functionality.

Pricing Policy

Many customers who choose a reputable phone spy application, trouble their head about the cost of such program. Taking into consideration that Americans used to pay for the use of various applications, they don’t want to overpay. The price of PhoneSheriff is $89 per year. Comparing the cost with other applications with the same functionality, it is an average index. Those who consider this price to be too high should look on the flip side of the coin. It is the price for the safety of your children.

How It Works

You should purchase the phone tracking application, install it on the mobile device of your child or another person you wish to control and that’s all! After that, you can view the tracking information at any time convenient for you. You have access to this data online (from your mobile phone or computer); you just need to log in the personal web account. Still, you can set the app, according to your requirements.

Disadvantages of PhoneSheriff Customers Should Know Before Purchasing

If you believe a number of customer’s testimonials, PhoneSheriff is not an ideal one. There are some shortcomings, and all potential consumers must be notified about them. Experienced customers consider the installation procedure to be a real headache. First, to purchase the program, you need to access their official website. It is presented for sale neither in the App Store, not in the Google Play. After that, you may spend lots of time until you finally install the desired phone tracking application. As a rule, it takes two-four time to get everything working.

One more negative aspect of PhoneSheriff is that this program doesn’t monitor social networking sites. The developers consider this option to be not useful. Nevertheless, customers have the other viewpoint. Besides, the support team also doesn’t answer your requests immediately. As a rule, customers are made to wait for several hours to several days. It is not always convenient.


PhoneSheriff is an ordinary phone monitoring app with a limited set of features. Some users will definitely be disappointed about the lack of some options. The other part of them will be glad to use all offered features. Nevertheless, if you trust some customers’ testimonials, this monitoring program has the upper hand among apps for parental control.


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