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ISpyoo Spy App [Complete and Comprehensive Review]

Updated March 11, 2020 to reflect the latest changes in the software and services mentioned.

ISpyoo spy app introduces amazing possibilities for customers. The owner of the device can be completely under control. Hidden spyware can be installed without visible consequences and collect all needed information for you. If you cannot decide whether this cell spy software will be beneficial for you, you should study this comprehensive reviews that give you enough information about ISpyoo spy app.download now button for installing phone spying software

How Does It Work?

ispyoo integration with other devices illustration You can install iSpyoo on the Android or iOS phone and transfer maximum information to your account. This process looks like email program with a convenient and intuitive design. Every owner of such wonderful software has a lot of buttons even for the remote control. Monitoring of the target device includes calls, texts, location, internet and files control.

Here are the major features of the iSpyoo application.

Calls control.

First and the main destination of every cell phone is to make regular calls. ISpyoo gives the ability to manage everything in the directory: revise numbers, implemented calls (time and duration), and even to interrupt and block unwanted ones. For example, one of the most popular spy apps mSpy or Highster Mobile couldn’t give such opportunity.

Text messages viewing.

Everybody uses SMS, MMS and email messages to supplement or simplify communication. All these variants of the written text can be easily read from your iSpyoo control panel, even if they were deleted. Everything that is hardly speaking for different reasons wouldn’t be a secret for you now.

Social Media spying.

Using the powerful phone gives the ability to save time and do a big part of PC work just while going in the public transport. Spending much time on Facebook, Skype, Viber, iMessage, WhatsApp and other networks will give you more information, without a doubt. It’s an essential option if you need an efficient mobile phone spying. By the way, Mobile Spy wouldn’t give you a possibility to monitor WhatsApp and Viber, but iSpyoo can.

The internet without secrets.

As we mentioned above, using of PCs shrinking because of the productive mobile phone using. Browser history and website activities won’t be obscure now. What is more, you can block some sites from your iSpyoo account to predict a part of harmful content at least.

Location tracking.

The time of navigators as independent gadgets have passed thanks to mobile phone apps which use GPS coordinates as well. You will find inside your iSpyoo account all routes of the target device and will just verify this information with real words of the person you track. It is a proper proof of cheating, which can’t be rebutted.

Files managing.

Modern people prefer to use phone cameras to take pictures and record video. ISpyoo will give you full access to such files with the possibility of viewing them in your control panel. It is another good way to research tendencies and make something until it’s too late.

Remote functions.

What will be your reaction, if you’ll have real James Bond’s ability? A couple of buttons can give you live surrounding of target phone, and you also can record “interesting discussion.” Moreover, the app has the capability to manage various applications at a distance. So, you’ll have an excellent invisible tool.

download now buttonPurposes of ISpyoo Using

  1. Childcare. It’s unlikely someone will argue with the assertion that children are the dearest part of our life. We must apply extra efforts to protect them from harmful information and other possible sources of the potential disaster. Mobile phones probably play the lead in this competition. Thanks to iSpyoo you’ll have the opportunity to revise each hobby and acquaintance that can hurt your descendant. Block suspicious numbers, adult sites or just monitor closely kids’ location. All these activities are legally permitted when your child is minor.
  2. Successful business. Many private entrepreneurs have something to lose: interesting ideas (intellectual property), useful contact list or important documents. Giving to your employee a corporate phone with iSpyoo, you’ll protect all your painstaking work. If something goes wrong with your business, you’ll have undeniable proof of theft. Remember, the law will be on your side. A choice is quite simple: on the one hand extra money for keeping full control, and on the contrary, some savings with high chances to lose everything.
  3. Honest relationship. It is probably the most unpleasant applying of iSpyoo. Monitoring of the loved one seems to be an evidence of mistrust, but the truth is the cornerstone of every successful footing. You should be careful, and it must be a wise option because using of spying apps without a consent of the person is illegal. However, you’ll know what you have to do and just use information as you want. You can delete iSpyoo from the device remotely anytime you want.

Some Shortcomings

Only one serious drawback is 24/7 support absence. ISpyoo decided to save customers’ money and to describe all possible problems and solutions on their website. On the other hand, it forces programmers to work even more closely to reduce the percentage of potential issues to the theoretical minimum.


It doesn’t matter, if we wrote a few paragraphs or couple of pages, every customer would search the item about pricing policy. Among numerous similar applications, the price plays a determining role. In this case, iSpyoo almost has no competitors.

Of course, iSpyoo has different plans which depend on the package of wanted features. The cost of the gold package is $22.99 per month while similar on functional level FlexiSpy will cost you actually three times more. Free trial period, several campaigns and refund policy also are at your disposal.


Using of any spy app means you want more control and not surprising. By choosing iSpyoo, you make a sound investment in your future. The cheapest but functional enough software can solve different and even complex life issues. It will help you to save nerves and be more confident.


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