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How to Spy On Someone’s iPhone

Updated March 11, 2020 to reflect the latest changes in the software and services mentioned.


In the world of smartphones, iPhone is a breakthrough with the amazing potential. Their number grows with impressive speed. Many users start searching how to spy on someone’s gadget. Experts recommend a time-tested solution from the world’s best developers in the shape of iPhone spy app. As far as many surveillance applications are on the market today, we decided to prepare a list of top preferred spy apps for iPhone based on their functionality and some other factors.

10 Top Rated Spy Apps for iPhone

#1. mSpy

mSpy iphone spy appThey call mSpy the best iPhone spying software preferred by more than 1,000,000,000 users worldwide. Download the tool on the victim’s phone. Get remote access from any personal computer/mobile device. Basic features include the opportunity to view/edit SMS text messages, manage incoming/outgoing calls, as well as learn exact user’s location. Extra features are:

  • Keylogger (to grab keystrokes & steal login details like passwords)
  • No need to jailbreak target phone
  • No restrictions on device change
  • Upload recorded activity data using Wi-Fi
  • Blocking ability (prevent children from adult content)
  • Round-the-clock Support (experts consult users via phone, email, online chat, or remote help)

People who are not tech-savvy will also love this little wonder. Its easy usage and convenient functionality are appreciated.

Download mSpy

#2. Spyzie

spyzie iphone spy appBusiness people who want to control their co-workers at the workplace love Spyzie the same way kids’ caring parents adore this solution. Mobile users recommend the web-based spying tool. Spyzie does not assume jailbreaking the target phone. No need to download application – register on Spyzie official website to create a personal account & confirm associated Apple ID. Connect it to the phone of your interest. Enjoy being able to listen to phone calls, read text messages, view WhatsApp activities, get GPS data, detect visited websites, manage phone book contacts, shoot videos, and create voice memos.

Spyzie spy app costs $29.99-39.99 monthly.

#3. Highster Mobile iPhone Spy App

 highster iphone spy appIt makes sense mobile users get the full package of services by paying $69.99 – the best news is its one-time fee. The user should hold the target cell phone to install spying software and then activate it using a license key. Begin spying after entering a personal account on the app’s official website.

Users choose Highster Mobile to set due to the following features:

  • GPS Location Tracking in Real-Time
  • Control over Text Messages
  • Explore Images/Videos
  • Observe Browser History
  • View Phone Calls
  • Manage Calendar and Applications
  • Monitor Social Media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat)

Highster Mobile is a cheap spying solution compatible with Android and iOS devices.

#4. Contact Spy

Contact Spy iphone spy appHave you received anonymous phone calls/text messages that make you worried? Stop shaking in your boots! Trying to guess who the nasty detractor is? Then, rely on surveillance applications which allows hidden phone number lookup. Next time the stranger disturbs you, store his/her phone number in contacts to scan it using special search engine app.

This tiny monster will identify the caller in case he/she is living in the United States. Type both first and last names of the unknown person. Let the spying tool define who the person is. Make sure the name is not spread in the US (pay $0.99 for services).

#5. FlexiSpy

flexispy iphone spy appIf you want as many functions as possible, then choose FlexiSpy. Users enjoy its unique feature called Call Interception used to anonymously track, record, and hear each incoming/outgoing phone call. Jailbreak the phone of your ‘victim’ to get access to all bonus features.

Mobile users name several features among the best: hearing background sounds, tracking entire phone activity (calls, GPS, text messages, emails, images, as well as social media activities). Use the web-based portal/mobile phone tool to review the entre information. Since 2005, FlexiSpy developers have improved their creation significantly. Two versions (Premium & Extreme) exist on the spying market.


xnspy iphone spy appSpecial mobile phone control application works best with iPhone & Android. XNSPY tool has an excellent features-to-fee correlation, which allows saving plenty of money on the most demanded functions.

Have your target user deleted some important information from his/her favorite phone? Not a problem – buy & install XNSPY surveillance software to retrieve removed data (access old GPS history, view websites attended earlier, download previous call logs, etc.) Track social media if the person has social accounts.

Also, developers offer XNSPY packages to install & start using from $29 monthly or $60 annual fee. It is quick, accurate spying application each user can trust.

#7. Call Log Pro

Call Log Pro iphone spy appWish to make records of the conversations between various people? Then download and install Call Log Pro on your device. Hear voice conversations and keep track of them. Call the ‘victim’ to let Call Log Pro spy app start recording once the individual picks the phone. Email full speech to have proof of the specific conversation.

Try spy app for iOS costs $10. Helpful to apply in detective/investigation stories.

#8. Mobistealth iPhone Spy App

iphone spy appMostly used to watch every step of the spouse, Mobistealth spying application has inserted reverse lookup feature aimed to trace data accessible on the target Contact Book. Those who choose Mobistealth get more information thanks to this bonus function. A time-tested spying software which makes it possible to set on the microphone and hear/record background and talks themselves.

Apply WiFi instead of GPS to get exact coordinates of your spouse’s gadget; network tower signals help to triangulate the location too. Pay $19.99+ every 2 weeks depending on the features you need. Remember: Mobistealth spying software works in stealth mode. It offers free upgrades once you buy it, but it should be jailbroken + absence of free demo versions.

#9. iSpyoo

iphone spy appNeed iPhone spy app to guarantee mobile device tracking results’ accuracy, security, & credibility? Buy to get an impressive set of spying features. They include call logs, access to text messages, browsing history, etc. Jailbreak the mobile phone of your interest before downloading and launching spying application. Don’t miss an episode from the day of your beloved ones thanks to iSpyoo!

#10. TheTruthSpy

iphone spy appEverybody hates when someone lies to them. To avoid being fooled, try TheTruthSpy surveillance application to reveal the truth about family members, friends, and employees. Among mobile users, TheTruthSpy is a winner of caring parents who worry about their children. Keep reading their text messages and controlling their online loves by blocking the adult content + suspicious numbers. Remain in the shadow while keeping on spying.

How to spy on someone’s iPhone?


You may ask many questions such as:

  • How to hack someone’s phone remotely?
  • Can I spy on someone’s gadget without touching it?
  • What about some software for iPhone spying: does remote monitoring tools work properly?
  • My friend says that I can install some software and I can keep an eye on someone’s iPhone – is it true?

Surveillance app is the only answer to these questions: use monitoring software, and you will be able to monitor someone’s iPhone or iPad without any difficulties. These apps are undetectable & easy to use; follow the simple installation process to start monitoring target mobile devices.

iphone-monitoringHow to install iPhone spy software?

    1. Firstly, you need to jailbreak the target mobile device to guarantee the proper work of monitoring software.
    2. After jailbreaking your device, find the Cydia app on the springboard and open it.
    3. Tap the “Sources” icon at the bottom of the target phone’s screen; tap the “Edit” button which you find in the top-right corner of the screen.
    4. After that, tap “Add” button and type URL of the spy software which you will find on the website of the chosen software, you want to install. Tap the “Add Source” button.
    5. Return to the Sources menu and find the installation file.
    6. Tap “Install” to install monitoring software.
    7. After the phone finishes the installation, reboot the mobile device.

    Following these steps, you get monitoring software work on the target iPhone.

    After the installation process, you may configure the monitoring tool features by yourself to log the data that you want to track. Find step-by-step instructions to ease the process.

 Which features the iPhone spy app can provide


Most of the spy apps for iPhone provide a common set of features that guarantees comprehensive & high-quality monitoring. The main features of the phone monitoring software are listed below.

  • Monitoring calls

With the help of spy software, you will be able to track all incoming/outgoing calls, record and listen to phone calls of the target iPhone’s owner. Besides, many apps record the conversation. After recording, it will be uploaded to your personal online account.

  • Tracking text messages

You can access sent & received SMS messages and details about messages, for example, time, date and content of every message.

  • Monitoring chats and conversations, photos & other media files on social networks/messengers

You will be able to monitor chats and accounts on social networks and messengers like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Viber, iMessenger, and others. Recommended spy software will help! Get a complete picture of messages + chats on all communication channels your children, significant others, and employees use on their phones.

  • Spying on photos, videos, other files & phone camera

Using special monitoring software, you can access photos & videos made using phone camera or stored in the phone memory. Smartphones and tablets give the users unique opportunities. Take photos and post them immediately on their social network accounts. Often, people don’t think these photos can be used against them; they can get in troubles because of the thoughtless publication of their photos. With the help of iPhone monitoring software, you stay aware of such activities.

  • Monitoring emails, Gmail accounts

iPhone monitoring apps enable you to track emails & messages of the target phone’s owner. See received/sent emails, messages on Gmail chats in details (content of emails, time and date logs).

  • Tracking GPS location

With the help of iPhone monitoring software, track GPS location of the target phone. A real current GEO data on the location of the phone you want to monitor will be displayed on the map by your request.

  • Spying on Internet activities

The phone spy apps usually provide monitoring of web browser history. Use surveillance software to spy on iPhones, and view every website page that was opened and explored using target iPhone or iPad.

It is important that many phone spy apps provide monitoring of different devices at the same time. Almost all spy programs do not require direct access to the device to gather information. You need access to the target device only while installing iPhone monitoring application on the target iOS device.

Online dangers. Are they real?

iphone-monitoring1Technical development helps us in all spheres of our lives, but using iPhones as well as Androids together may cause many problems and threats. Malware is one of the most popular dangers which may harm your computer, and it’s quite easy to avoid them. There are so many other dangerous situations and cyber crimes; people who are the real criminals stand behind them. We are talking about disclosing the confidential information of your company, cyber bullying, blackmail, online harassment, etc. Every person who uses phones can become a victim of cyber criminals.

How to protect your family and business from online threats?


There are different ways how to protect your family and business from Internet and phone dangers. For example, you can:

  • Disable your employees and children to use their cell phones and tablets completely;
  • Install the powerful security systems and check their proper work on a regular basis;
  • Use surveillance software and monitor easily all iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets of your employees, and significant other. Use them also for parental control.

Choose free mobile spy app for iPhone or its paid version to get unlimited access to the personal world of any person you are interested in! Thanks to this innovative solution, every caring parent/business owner/spouse can sleep well, knowing what is going on in the lives of close people. So, if you wish to share your impressions or add several more spying tools on the list, feel free to leave comments!


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