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Is Bosspy Worth Using?

Necessary update: Please keep in mind Bosspy software was discontinued and is no longer available for use as a service anymore. If you are looking for a reliable cell phone monitoring solution, you may look through the top-rated list or try mSpy app. 


bosspy review

 What is Bosspy?

Bosspy is well-known and reliable free spy application. It was developed by a small team of young developers who understood the importance of the ability to track SMS messages, phone calls, and other activities for parental control and employers. They managed to design a really great software and to make this app absolutely free for anybody. Study this detailed review on Bosspy application and make your decision.

Purposes Of Using Bosspy

bosspy review

Many people want to know everything about their children and their spouses. Sometimes it’s just a desire to control everything. But there are situations when this desire appears because of security considerations. In this case, it is completely justified and reasonable. People want to monitor phones of their children, employees, and their significant others not for fun. They just want to protect their families and their businesses. And you can do it using Bosspy.

Global technological development gave us so many new opportunities, but at the same time may new threats appeared. And we have to cope with them. Our kids can’t feel safe while surfing the Internet or chatting with a new friend on Facebook. We can’t know who sits on the other side of the screen. And our business is to protect them. Although with the appearance of new technologies, the possibility of disclosing confidential information about the company grown significantly. And if you are a business owner, you should consider that. In all these situations you might be looking for an effective tool which can give an opportunity to be aware of all phone activities of your children and employees. And spy applications can provide you such an opportunity.

Bosspy For Parental Control

You know that it is impossible to be a parent and not to worry about your children. And in general, there is no difference how many years your children are. But in fairness, it should be noted that parents are experiencing the most turbulent time when their children are teenagers.

We want to know everything about our children. We ask the questions “where are they now?” and “what reason takes them so long to get home after the school?”. They use their cell phones all day long, so we worry who they are chatting with on their accounts on social media. We want to be aware of all this information it in order to protect our kids from many dangers which they can face online. In fact, they don’t have enough experience to understand that something goes wrong and to distinguish dangers. So that is our job. And Bosspy can help us to do it well.

Bosspy For Business Owners

If you are a business owner or a manager of the company who is responsible for its prosperity you should understand the risks of disclosure of confidential information. In fact, there is a great competitiveness on the market today. And so many market risks can make the operation of your company unpredictable and not so easy. And the success of any business or any company depends on its ability to respond to market challenges and respond to risks.

So it is a great opportunity for business owners to have a chance to control the employees’ devices with the help of Bosspy. This spy app will give the answer to the question are company’s employees using their phones for personal purposes or disclosing company’s confidential information?

For Individuals

Sometimes our significant others can behave strangely. They can be too secretive with their devices. And there may be a suspicion that they are hiding something in their phones and tablets. In these cases, we may worry about this thing and feel jealous. Bosspy can assist us in these situations. Using this application, we can find out are there any secrets that are hidden from us in calls, SMS messages, web browser history or photos.

Main Monitoring Features Of Bosspy App

bosspy reviewBosspy is the reliable cell phone spy app which can provide a free and complete access to someone’s online and phone activities. It is ensured thanks to the set of the most useful and important monitoring functions. With the help of Bosspy you will be able to:

  • Spy on SMS messages and MMS messages – you can have control over all sent, and all received SMS messages. It is great that you can also monitor messages that were deleted;
  • Tracking call logs – you can know everything about all incoming and outgoing phone calls. Use the app, and you can be aware of all, even the smallest details. You will know contact names, duration of the call, date and time logs;
  • Tracking messages on social media networks and messengers – thank to spy app you will have an ability to control all phone activities of the owner of the target device. You will see the accounts, chats, conversations, shared files. You can monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, etc.;
  • Monitoring GPS location – if you use Bosspy, it’s not a problem for you to control the current GPS location of the user of the target phone or tablet. The information will be displayed on the virtual map immediately, and the history will be uploaded to your personal online account. You just need to make a request, and you will get the information in seconds.
  • Monitoring Web Browser History – use Bosspy tracking app, and you will have a great opportunity to gain control over someone’s web browser history. You will see all URLs that were visited from the devices, bookmarks and favorite sites.


Bosspy is definitely worth using because it provides a great ability to get full control over someone’s mobile devices due to the set of many innovative monitoring features. This app is convenient and easy to use. The installation process doesn’t take much time. Bosspy monitoring app is reliable and compatible with all popular versions of Android and iOS operating systems.


  • Kelly says:

    Bosspy.com is no more. Have the app but my phone warned of virus.

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