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Disclaimer Note: Spying.ninja is a web resource of an informative nature. We provide you with the information on the software for monitoring mobile devices. Spying.ninja don’t take responsibility for actions that may take place after you follow the links on our site. We want to warn you that buying such software, you must get consent from the person, whose device you’re going to monitor.

Affiliate Disclosure

This disclosure is provided with the aim to inform our site visitors that we take part in various affiliate programs. This means that we get a certain commission every time you follow the link on our website and make a purchase. These can be different types of links, including links in the form of a text, graphic banners, links within a post, etc. We want to assure you that getting a commission for buying things through our site doesn’t prevent us from sharing unbiased opinions.

We provide our visitors with the information based on the research and other users’ experience. Take into account that writers are free to express their personal opinion. So you should verify claims made about products/services before making a buying decision. It is up to you to check everything carefully to make the right choice.

Affiliate Policy

If you see logos or trademarks on our site, you should know that they belong to their owners. Neither of them is our affiliate. The only goal we pursue when mentioning them on our website is informative. You may see trademarks in the context of the device compatibility. The logos/trademarks can be used with the aim to discuss whether your mobile settings are suitable for the monitoring software.

We want to warn you that it is necessary to check whether your country allows using software designed for surveillance. You should know that in certain areas, there is a law that forbids the use of software that can track anybody’s activities. Our site doesn’t encourage customers to use such software for illegal purposes. Moreover, we will cooperate with the law-enforcement authorities, if necessary. When accessing sites of our affiliates and buying surveillance software from them, you agree to the laws and regulations. It is your responsibility to use such products in accordance with the law.